Reactions to Frontline’s documentary “In the Age of AI”

This discussion is based off the PBS Frontline documentary, “In the Age of AI.” To watch this documentary, visit this link:

PBS Frontline: In the Age of AI

Questions for Discussion

  1. When Kai-Fu Lee says, “Data is the new oil,” and “China is the Saudi Arabia of data,” what does he mean in those statements? Can you describe at least three ways that companies or governments with data monopolies could benefit from having those resources over other companies or governments?
  2. From your perspective as a user or non-user of social media or search indexing technology, do you think social media, searching or website (cookies) tracking of US citizens is important in the race to become a leader in artificial intelligence for the United States, or is that tracking/collection an invasion of privacy and individual rights in our country? What about in other countries?
  3. Can you think of a few careers you might consider pursuing when you graduate from college or graduate school? Once you have a few ideas, visit and plug in those career ideas to see their overall risk to being replaced by automation. How vulnerable are those potential careers to automation? Can you think of 2-3 careers that existed in 1950 that do not exist today? How about 1990? How about 2010? List all the jobs from those years/decades that have become redundant and replaced by automation.

AS A REMINDER, please cite the URL of whatever sources you use to answer these questions.