Overview: 3/11-4/16

Hi guys!

Super quick update today!

Before creating my surveys, I contacted Mr. McKenna who gave Mr. Beck the list of alumni emails from 1996-2018. Mr. Beck and I then created two surveys, one for the alumni and one for current DA Upper School students. When I was done completing the survey, Mr. Beck and I (but mostly Mr. Beck) made a domain email that covered all of the alumni emails I previously mentioned. Many of you reading this blog will have (or have already had) the chance to take the survey this week. I also just decided to create a survey for the faculty in which we will measure the feelings of prejudice within the current faculty and how those feelings have changed through time. All of the surveys will likely close on April 30th, so after that, I plan on comparing and creating conclusions on the data gathered. 

Thanks for reading!

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