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Cooking proposal

Cooking is important to me because I feel as if cooking is an essential life skill. Learning new techniques can not only open new food possibilities for me and my friends but it can also help me 'prepare' for my college days and for when I have a family of my own. My family has been wanting to eat healthier foods after having lunch with my mum's old friend, who eats an all plant-based diet. Of course, I'll never forget about desert, which I feel can show people how much you love them or even bring them comfort in a way. I have absolutely no skills even mildly to do with cooking as of right now. My goal is to cook/bake at least one recipe every weekend for my family. I will be posting some pictures when we blog in class and I'll be spending most of my day 7s looking for a cool new recipe to try. Obviously, finding the recipe will be my first step. My second step will be cooking/baking that recipe and maybe testing some new cooking techniques. The 3rd step will be serving the food to my family and hopefully them being able to eat it. I plan to get no help from anyone except from my mom, who has agreed to buy me all of the ingredients/utensils I may need and be my mentor in a way because she is very good at understanding/reading recipes. I believe this project is worthwhile because it is something that I've always wanted to learn; and that is what this project is about. No, I don't think I'll end up being a master chef but I do think that I will bring in some delicious cakes for my English class, and maybe I could even organize a bake sale by the end of the year to benefit a charity.

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Darwin’s dangerous idea – question 2 – Kate Lloyd

How did Darwin's personal life and his professional life influence each other?

Darwin's personal and professional life influenced each other because evolution doesn't not follow what the bible says and he did not want to offend anyone or have people hate him. At first Darwin was not going to publish the book but after his daughters death he published it because he wasn't as involved with his faith. Darwin was right about people's reactions to the book but now we are very thankful that he did publish because without Darwin we wouldn't know about evolution.

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Darwin’s dangerous idea Evan Blackshear-Tvrdy

How did Darwin's personal life affect his professional?

While Darwin was writing his book he asked his trusted wife. If she would publish it if something happened to him. Because so many hated him and his theory he may have feared the worst sometimes. Also his daughters death made him loose most of his faith.which slowed down his work.

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Darwin’s Professional and Private Life

Darwin's professional life and private life significantly influenced each other. Primarily, some of his friends and his wife attempted to encourage him not to publish or publicize his theory, as they thought it was heretical, and thus would weaken the public's faith in God and Christianity, which they thought would then result in the collapse of English civilization. His professional life also affected his personal life. Firstly, his discovery of, and his refusal to denounce evolution by means of natural selection caused him to anger some of his friends, causing a few of them to cease being friends with him. This also caused him and his wife to occasionally argue about the accuracy of the Bible's account of the origin of life and humanity. His work on evolution also affected his private life in that he began having nightmares about him being lynched, and it caused his carriage to be stoned and attacked at one point.

-Jack Dowell

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Darwin’s Dangerous Idea – Question 3 : Trey Barnes

Darwin' publication of On the Origin of Species was a courageous act because of the beliefs most of the population had in his times. Darwin believed in the theory of natural selection; others, did not. The vast majority of the population if not all believed that god created all things on this earth. An example is that Darwin believed that the human and the ape were distant relatives. The rest of the population believed that humans we're dominate and had nothing to do with the apes. This is why Charles Darwin's publication of On the Origin of SpeciesĀ was such a courageous act.

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Ahead of His Time – Adam Ushpol

Why was Darwin's publication of "On the Origin of Species" a courageous act?

In many ways Charles Darwin was a ahead of his time. He lived at a time when he was part of only a select few who reasoned with logic, with science. Popular during Darwin's time was a strict interpretation of the Bible and its ideas. Darwin's claim to fame was his ideas about the origin of species and most importantly natural selection. This went against almost everyone of the time. As you can only imagine, one of the biggest causes of conflict and tension are contradicting beliefs. Lots stated his ideas were an insult to humanity, he was putting social order in jeopard and even undermining people's pride in their religion. You may wonder why Darwin wanted him and his family to go through with this, to be targeted and subject to attack, to be looked at differently anywhere they went. The reason may sound crazy but it was why his work represented good-science. Darwin understood the impact of his idea and what it could do for society, he understood that it would unite the many parts of our existence, it answered the why despite the fact it may have never been asked at the time. The support and honor he gets today was most likely not seen by Darwin and he will forever go down as one of the greatest contributors to not only science but society to ever live.

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2. Darwin’s personal vs. professional life- Cait Ushpol

As I was watching the movie, I often noticed that his wife was much more religious than Darwin was, and also that she didn't really believe in the scientific aspects of life that Darwin believed very strongly in. This part of his personal life may have affected his professional life because both his wife and science were very important to him. Despite his wife and him having contradicting beliefs, it was very important that she supported him through it all. Doubts from outsiders/other scientists and support from his family motivated him in different ways. After the death of his first child, his scientific career became more prominent and all his religious beliefs were no long a part of Darwin's life at all. Despite he common belief of the time being the bible, he wanted a more logical and scientific way of explaining the world/organisms hence why Darwin is one of the most noted scientists of all time.

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Question three -Charlie Johnston

3) Why was Darwin's publication of On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection a courageous act on Darwin's behalf?

Darwin's publication of "On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection" was courageous. Because at the time of Darwin the church was a very big part of everything and anyone who questioned that was a pariah. In his book Darwin says that all organisms have one common ancestor, to say that would be considered blasphemy at the time because to say that would mean humans are not above any beast.By publishing his work Darwin faced becoming discredited in the scientific community.It was possible that the church would hurt or even incarcerate Darwin for publishing it.

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Evidence Scientists Have Uncovered (Hunter)

There are many different types of evidence that scientists have found that support the concepts of evolution through natural selection. For example, some types of preying mantis have adapted to look exactly like a leaf through natural selection. In some areas, flowers have sap that is very far down in the plant. The hummingbirds with the longer blacks could reach the sap and survive, but the ones with shorter beaks died. This also applies to the HIV virus but on a much faster scale.

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Darwin’s Dangerous Idea- Carolina Bartolome

Why was Darwin's publication of On The Origin Of Species a courageous act?

Darwin was courageous to publish his book because many people were against it. Many Christian people disagreed with Darwin's ideas of evolution because in the bible it says that God created all living things. Darwin's book contradicted this saying that all living things came from a common ancestry organism. He was really courageous to publish the book because he would be disagreed with a lot, but he stayed true to his idea and he ended up publishing the book later on.

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