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2. Darwin’s personal vs. professional life- Cait Ushpol

As I was watching the movie, I often noticed that his wife was much more religious than Darwin was, and also that she didn't really believe in the scientific aspects of life that Darwin believed very strongly in. This part of his personal life may have affected his professional life because both his wife and science were very important to him. Despite his wife and him having contradicting beliefs, it was very important that she supported him through it all. Doubts from outsiders/other scientists and support from his family motivated him in different ways. After the death of his first child, his scientific career became more prominent and all his religious beliefs were no long a part of Darwin's life at all. Despite he common belief of the time being the bible, he wanted a more logical and scientific way of explaining the world/organisms hence why Darwin is one of the most noted scientists of all time.

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  1. I think this is very good. It shows how Darwin courageously went against his family and many people to say what he believed, and how his ideas became more strong after the death of his daughter and the loss of his enthusiasm towards the Christian faith.

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