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Ahead of His Time – Adam Ushpol

Why was Darwin's publication of "On the Origin of Species" a courageous act?

In many ways Charles Darwin was a ahead of his time. He lived at a time when he was part of only a select few who reasoned with logic, with science. Popular during Darwin's time was a strict interpretation of the Bible and its ideas. Darwin's claim to fame was his ideas about the origin of species and most importantly natural selection. This went against almost everyone of the time. As you can only imagine, one of the biggest causes of conflict and tension are contradicting beliefs. Lots stated his ideas were an insult to humanity, he was putting social order in jeopard and even undermining people's pride in their religion. You may wonder why Darwin wanted him and his family to go through with this, to be targeted and subject to attack, to be looked at differently anywhere they went. The reason may sound crazy but it was why his work represented good-science. Darwin understood the impact of his idea and what it could do for society, he understood that it would unite the many parts of our existence, it answered the why despite the fact it may have never been asked at the time. The support and honor he gets today was most likely not seen by Darwin and he will forever go down as one of the greatest contributors to not only science but society to ever live.

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  1. It is really interesting how Darwin was willing to sacrifice his safety and that of his family in order to advance science. This is a really good post.

  2. You included a lot of stuff that many people didn’t think of, like the impact on his family. This was a really well-written post.

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