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Darwin’s Dangerous Idea- Carolina Bartolome

Why was Darwin's publication of On The Origin Of Species a courageous act?

Darwin was courageous to publish his book because many people were against it. Many Christian people disagreed with Darwin's ideas of evolution because in the bible it says that God created all living things. Darwin's book contradicted this saying that all living things came from a common ancestry organism. He was really courageous to publish the book because he would be disagreed with a lot, but he stayed true to his idea and he ended up publishing the book later on.

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  1. Your post intrigues me for two reasons. The first is our ingrained need for acceptance and the second is the inherent desire to follow one’s heart. At the end of your post, you state that Darwin knew ‘he would be disagreed with a lot’ and yet he stayed true to his idea’. I find it paradoxical that, in order to follow our heart, we must let go of our need for acceptance. In essence, if we want to tuly attempt to make a difference, we have to let go of the comfort of friends and family.

  2. I think that this is all very true but I think that you should have mentioned that his wife strongly disagreed to because that was one of the main people.

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