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Evidence Scientists Have Uncovered (Hunter)

There are many different types of evidence that scientists have found that support the concepts of evolution through natural selection. For example, some types of preying mantis have adapted to look exactly like a leaf through natural selection. In some areas, flowers have sap that is very far down in the plant. The hummingbirds with the longer blacks could reach the sap and survive, but the ones with shorter beaks died. This also applies to the HIV virus but on a much faster scale.

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  1. What you have stated here is true. I like how you used an example from the movie. This means you were paying attention! Great Answer to the question.

  2. I wrote about the same sort of thing, except I didn’t have the example of mantises and hummingbirds. I based it mostly on HIV, but I think it’s interesting to see all the different things that come from evolution.

  3. You did a good job using examples from the movie but you didn’t clearly explain why what you said is true.
    – rohan

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