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Kyla Hodges: Darwin’s Dangerous Ideas Question 3

Why was Darwin's publication of On the Origin of Species a courageous act?

When Darwin published On the Origin of Species the church basically ran the United Kingdom. The theory of evolution went against everything that the church said. He believed that everything came from a common ancestor while the bible clearly states that God created man, the plants, the earth, and the waters were created at around the same time. This made him publishing his book dangerous and daring.

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  1. I agree. The book did go against what the church said, and Darwin was very daring indeed in publishing it.

  2. Very nice Kayla. However I would suggest saying what punishments he could have faced by publishing his book.

  3. I completely agree with everything you said. Nice wording and great detail.

  4. I totally agree with what you stated above. The religion was very direct and Darwin going against it was very daring! Great job (:

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