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Darwin’s Professional and Private Life

Darwin's professional life and private life significantly influenced each other. Primarily, some of his friends and his wife attempted to encourage him not to publish or publicize his theory, as they thought it was heretical, and thus would weaken the public's faith in God and Christianity, which they thought would then result in the collapse of English civilization. His professional life also affected his personal life. Firstly, his discovery of, and his refusal to denounce evolution by means of natural selection caused him to anger some of his friends, causing a few of them to cease being friends with him. This also caused him and his wife to occasionally argue about the accuracy of the Bible's account of the origin of life and humanity. His work on evolution also affected his private life in that he began having nightmares about him being lynched, and it caused his carriage to be stoned and attacked at one point.

-Jack Dowell

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  1. Your name should be in the title 🙂

  2. I think that you hit all of the correct points with your post. The fact that the releasing of the “On the Origin of Species” could lead to the collapse of the English civilization is something tough to comprehend. Generally a book is something so small, however, in this case the impact of Darwin’s book and idea was incomprehensible. The affect he knew his book was going to make on society is something amazing.

    Excellent Post!
    – Adam

  3. Great use of examples when talking about ways his private life effected his professional life like his friends, wife, and his religious background.

  4. Jack,

    Great answer to the question. I believe all you have stated here is true and very important to his life. We’ll done.

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