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Darwin’s Dangerous Idea – Question 3 : Trey Barnes

Darwin' publication of On the Origin of Species was a courageous act because of the beliefs most of the population had in his times. Darwin believed in the theory of natural selection; others, did not. The vast majority of the population if not all believed that god created all things on this earth. An example is that Darwin believed that the human and the ape were distant relatives. The rest of the population believed that humans we're dominate and had nothing to do with the apes. This is why Charles Darwin's publication of On the Origin of Species was such a courageous act.

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  1. Your name and the assignments title should be the header 🙂

  2. I agree. His publishing of this book was a courageous act. Your example of humans and apes is a good one, but Darwin hardly mentioned humans in his book.

  3. Trey nice job. However a small thing you forgot to add an “s” after “Darwin’ “.
    Also you should add something how the church directly did not want him to publish his work. Good job on italicizing “On the Origin of Species” as well.

  4. Great examples for the different beliefs people had but I would also specify that the other belief was creationism.

  5. I think it was very brave of him too. I also think there is still a lot of controversy about whether the chimps and us are relatives, although much less dramatic then it was back then.

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