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Darwin’s dangerous idea Evan Blackshear-Tvrdy

How did Darwin's personal life affect his professional?

While Darwin was writing his book he asked his trusted wife. If she would publish it if something happened to him. Because so many hated him and his theory he may have feared the worst sometimes. Also his daughters death made him loose most of his faith.which slowed down his work.

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  1. You forgot to mention that his wife was extremely religious and that their contradicting opinions made both his personal and proffesional life difficult. It was important that is wife support him through the ups and downs of his logical/scientific beliefs but it was hard for Darwin to support her religious beliefs.

  2. I agree with what you say but you left out that his lived ones like his wife especially kind of disagreed with him sometimes and belvied that he was crazy in saying that god did not have to do with natural selection. Also that we evolved from apes.

  3. It was a good start but you didn’t mention how his wife was extremely religious and the effect his daughter’s death had on him.


  4. I completely agree with this. But like Cait I believe that you should have said something about the church’s influence in the whole matter.

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