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Cooking proposal

Cooking is important to me because I feel as if cooking is an essential life skill. Learning new techniques can not only open new food possibilities for me and my friends but it can also help me 'prepare' for my college days and for when I have a family of my own. My family has been wanting to eat healthier foods after having lunch with my mum's old friend, who eats an all plant-based diet. Of course, I'll never forget about desert, which I feel can show people how much you love them or even bring them comfort in a way. I have absolutely no skills even mildly to do with cooking as of right now. My goal is to cook/bake at least one recipe every weekend for my family. I will be posting some pictures when we blog in class and I'll be spending most of my day 7s looking for a cool new recipe to try. Obviously, finding the recipe will be my first step. My second step will be cooking/baking that recipe and maybe testing some new cooking techniques. The 3rd step will be serving the food to my family and hopefully them being able to eat it. I plan to get no help from anyone except from my mom, who has agreed to buy me all of the ingredients/utensils I may need and be my mentor in a way because she is very good at understanding/reading recipes. I believe this project is worthwhile because it is something that I've always wanted to learn; and that is what this project is about. No, I don't think I'll end up being a master chef but I do think that I will bring in some delicious cakes for my English class, and maybe I could even organize a bake sale by the end of the year to benefit a charity.

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