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First two Creekside visits

The book I am reading with my buddies is called the Tale of Despereaux by Kate DiCamillo. This seemed like a long, challenging book for second graders, but they seemed to take interest in the book as soon as I handed it to them. The cover illustrates a brave mouse with big ears and a needle and thread wrapped around his body. My four buddies (two girls and two boys) immediately started to predict what would happen with this mouse and the plot of the story. It made me smile to see the excitement in the kids to start reading the book during our second visit. While reading each chapter, I alternate reading pages with myself and my buddies. Although some children are more shy than others, they all seem to have a good vocabulary of words and a high level of reading. One challenge I have seen in some of them is reading too fast. When they start to read fast, they slur their words and there are some run-on sentences. Once they slow down, they are able to pronounce the words better and clarify certain sentences. I believe they understand the sentence even better by slowing down their reading pace. While their grammar and punctuation may need some work, they are great readers and are good at reading while understanding the content. Often times Lydia and I will stop after a chapter and ask some comprehension questions. Most of them almost always provide their opinion and what they think will happen next. I am super excited to see how far they improve with their reading skills by the end of the year. These kids brighten my day when I visit them at Creekside and I can't wait for the next visit to start reading chapter 5!

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Diane Youngstrom– what characteristics made Darwin a good scientist

It is a well-known fact that Darwin was one of the greatest scientists of his time. His curiosity of how things work contributed to his greatness. Darwin asked many questions, and unlike his contemporaries, he did not look to the Bible for answers. He used observations from his vast collection of specimens to draw conclusions. However, Darwin was not quick to draw conclusions, and his patience paid off.  Darwin's investment in the natural world made him well suited to science. Darwin was naturally introverted, and kept his ideas to himself. This was important because the timing of sharing his ideas on natural selection and evolution was critical to their acceptance in society (though this did not happen for a long time, due to the society's religious standpoints and lack of modern technology to prove his theories)

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Ben Womble. Darwin’s post

3). During darwins times the church had a lot of power because people believed so highly that all that the church teaches must be true because the church translates the words directly from god or so they say. Now in the local governments and courts the elders of the commities all believed in the word of got and that god created all that lived and nothing would be on earth without god. Challenging ideas like that, In a government with such strong ideas of where they had come from. Now darwin's idea were thinking of and going completely against. The Ideas of the church and in turn the government.

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Dangerous Ideas by Jaxon

1) What characteristics made Darwin well-suited to science? Why did his work represent good science?
Darwin was clever and observant. He was brave in that he didn't care what others thought. He didnt care as long as he got his idea out. His idea went against the popular idea. His idea was drastically different then past ideas because it challenged the idea of christianity and that humans were drasticly more advanced than other animals.
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Lydia Oakley- Darwin Movie questions

1) Darwin was a very strong headed man. He explored new ideas and wasn't persuaded very easily. His personally was live, energetic and always conscious of his surrounding environment. He fit in perfectly with the scientific community because he was so passionate about his theory and science in general. Darwin's work represented good science because he made his theory very believable and linked certain facts with others and made it understandable.

2) Darwin's personal life and his professional life naturally influenced each other because his wife/cousin was very religious and was raised in a very strong Christian home. She constantly tried to persuade Darwin that his theory was wrong and that God can do things that are unexplainable. Darwin, being very strong headed didn't give in to his wife's theory.

3) Darwin's publication of On the Origin of Species was a courageous act because he had to have a lot of courage to publish it. Darwin knew he would get scolded for his theory but he did it anyway so he could try to share his ideas with his town and eventually, the rest of the world.

4) scientists have uncovered the concept of evolution through natural selection by doing tests and studying fossils from chimps and humans. The new technology in today's scientific field helps us better understand Darwin's theory of natural selection. It is also possible for us to now test the DNA from chimps and humans and see how we'll they match together. That new technology gives us a better understanding of how close relatives we are to primates.

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Ginya Marr – Darwin’s Life: Personal and Professional

Charles Darwin was a curious man who put as much effort into his personal life as he did into is professional career as a scientist. Darwin showed strong dedication to both of these aspects of his life and they would often end up overlapping and influencing each other. The most obvious example of this was Darwin's passion for nature and the outdoors. His love for the natural world lead him to think about how organisms came to be and ultimately was the reason he kept working on his theory even when he got frustrated. Additionally, Darwin's grandpa wrote a book about a theory that warm-blooded animals evolved from one creature and this idea really got Darwin thinking about ideas like natural selection. Without his grandpa's influence, Darwin might not have even become interested in the origin of organisms. Also, Darwin's wife, Emma, was very religious and because of this was always questioning his thinking. Without her skepticism, Darwin wouldn't have obtained as much evidence before presenting his idea about the origin of species and it wouldn't have been nearly as credible. Finally, after Darwin's daughter died from a sickness very similar to one he had, Darwin was broken. He decided to find the correlation between families and genetics because of what happened to his daughter. Her death made Darwin even more motivated to finish proving his theory of evolution. Without Darwin's personal life, he might never had discovered natural selection, and our knowledge about the origin of species would be much more limited.

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Kiran Baucom- On the Origin of Species

One of the major points of Darwin's scientific career was the publication of his research and theories in On the Origin of Species. Now it is considered by many as one of the most important works of scientific discovery, but at the time of its publication, many people did not view it as such. In the book, Darwin proposed that all organisms, including man, had evolved over millions of years from a common ancestor. He theorized that man, chimps, frogs, birds, and all other forms of life were connected by a long evolutionary chain. This went entirely against the established beliefs and traditions that were currently held in England. Because Christianity was incredibly prevalent in English life in the 1800s, the majority of people held fast to the belief that the world and everything in it were created perfectly and directly by God. To suggest otherwise was seen as a blatant offense to the church and the established "social order". Because of all this, it took an incredible amount of courage and belief in his work to publish his theories. He knew that it could ruin his career and reputation and perhaps even endanger his life, but he published it nonetheless because he believed that it was something people needed to know.

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Darwin’s Dangerous Idea G-Kirven

1. Darwin was an exceptionally gifted scientist who knew exactly how to structure his findings and make them easy to follow. He had the funding from his past that allowed him to research this entirely foreign (at the time) subject.

2. Unfortunately, Darwin's family life was tragic but it advanced his personal life significantly. The loss of his daughter due to his poor breeding and inbred genetics caused him to realize the genetic variation is essential for a species to grow. His proffesional life gave him new friends and upon his incredibly controversial discoveries, lost him many friends and  acquaintances.

3. Darwin's discoveries in his book The Origin of  Species by Natural Selection, was incredibly controversial and was rejected by some major establishments. He was incredibly brave for publishing this because if it had not been as well received than his entire career would have been ruined and he would have no further credibility.

4. In the current age, we have further proved natural selection by using such discoveries as DNA have shown that we have similarities between other species that can only be caused by natural selection. Also, with the new HIV virus, we can now see natural selection occur on a much faster rate.

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Caleb Vanderburg-Darwin.vanderburg post

While I was watching the movie I noticed that Darwin was a brilliant thinker. The fashion in which he thought of ideas was incredible. I remember a sene in the movie where Darwin was reading the newspaper and out of nowhere thought of an idea. The process of the idea was one thing but thinking of a question took it to another level.

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Courageous Darwin by Bailey

Darwin was a very brave person he challenged society and the common idea.  His book on natural selection  was very different from any theory that had been brought up till that time.   Before his theory it was a common idea that man was superior to all animals.  His idea went against both the church and science at the time.  Because of this he had a ton of opposition.   Even through the opposition Darwin was able to stand by his theory this makes him very brave.

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