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First two Creekside visits

The book I am reading with my buddies is called the Tale of Despereaux by Kate DiCamillo. This seemed like a long, challenging book for second graders, but they seemed to take interest in the book as soon as I handed it to them. The cover illustrates a brave mouse with big ears and a needle and thread wrapped around his body. My four buddies (two girls and two boys) immediately started to predict what would happen with this mouse and the plot of the story. It made me smile to see the excitement in the kids to start reading the book during our second visit. While reading each chapter, I alternate reading pages with myself and my buddies. Although some children are more shy than others, they all seem to have a good vocabulary of words and a high level of reading. One challenge I have seen in some of them is reading too fast. When they start to read fast, they slur their words and there are some run-on sentences. Once they slow down, they are able to pronounce the words better and clarify certain sentences. I believe they understand the sentence even better by slowing down their reading pace. While their grammar and punctuation may need some work, they are great readers and are good at reading while understanding the content. Often times Lydia and I will stop after a chapter and ask some comprehension questions. Most of them almost always provide their opinion and what they think will happen next. I am super excited to see how far they improve with their reading skills by the end of the year. These kids brighten my day when I visit them at Creekside and I can't wait for the next visit to start reading chapter 5!

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