Family History (Mom)

As a Spaniard, I knew that my grandparents grew up under a fascist regime. It never really sunk in because we never really talked about it. It was always in the back of my mind, but I never really faced the facts that my ancestors must have fought in the war. I had family members on both sides of the conflict, some fighting willingly, while others were drafted. The fact that my family must have fought in the war did not really sink in until my grandma (on my mom’s side) found her father’s uniform. Below are the pictures of the uniform.


The patches symbolize different battles that he fought in during the civil war and afterwards. I will conduct more research on the patches are their meaning, and update the blog once I conduct more research.

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Summer Plans – Overview


During the summer I went to Spain to see in person the impact that Franco left by visiting multiple battlefronts, some bunkers, museums, statues commemorating fighters, and even Franco’s final resting place. I wanted to travel Spain to see where the fighting took place, to make a more personalized lens on the fighting. It is very easy to separate oneself from history, so by visiting points of impact, I was able to fight against the natural tendency to distance oneself from history. My goal was for me to see history through a more humane point of view.

By being able to travel to so many important places, I was able to see things that I otherwise would not have been able to. Even though virtual tours do exist, being there in person is much more beneficial. One is able to gain a perspective on how truly grand monuments are, and I was also able to find hidden monuments that I otherwise would not have been able to find through a virtual tour.

I also travelled to Spain to interview multiple people from different generations to gain their perspectives on things. These interviews will be uploaded shortly and placed in their designated category.

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