Day 38: Clare, MI to Frankenmuth, MI

Today was great! Just another awesome day under the Michigan sunshine. It was kind of scary seeing a black cat pass my path in the morning. Despite the cat, it was a pleasant first 30 miles on a bike trail, but then it got complicated as I worked my way through Midland and Bay City. Both are home to large facilities for Dow Chemicals so they are quite busy towns. I also came across oil wells and wind farms outside of both towns. It’s always an odd sight seeing an oil well in the middle of corn fields, but that means the farmer sold the mineral rights of their land. It’s also a similar case with many wind farms, some even have oil wells nearby. For the first time, I came across an anti windmill sign! There were a few of those signs and they were all at farms. After another bike trail through corn fields, I made it to the German themed town of Frankenmuth. I’ve never been to Germany, but it feels like I’m on the Rhine. There’s even a lovely river right next to the town! I met a nice local named Rebecca in town. She grew up in the area and wasn’t really into politics. However, she is worried about our nation’s future. To her, family is the most important thing in life and she wants her family and her friends to be happy. I love meeting kind folks like her and I look forward to more Michigan!

A classic Oil Well in a corn field

Interesting stickers

Vote Obama sticker


Cops and Donuts (amazing btw)

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