Day 39: Frankenmuth, MI to Port Huron

From where I sit right now, I could throw a tennis ball into Canada. It was a great last full day in Michigan. Although my route was full of complicated directions and wind, I had a lot of fun. I saw so many pro wind farm signs! I also saw a ton of far right signs. Lastly, I did come across two confederate flags near Yale, MI. Michigan has been the only state with confederate flags and I’ve seen them everyday. I know this is can be a murky topic with arguments for both sides. So fell free to weigh in below in the comments section. It was nice to get out of the corn and wheat fields and be back in the forest. It was a pleasant ride into Port Huron from Yale, and everyone was really nice about passing in the busy streets. Once I got to town I met two locals. They both had great stories and interesting views. Gary was hopeful for America’s future and was a fellow cyclist. Howard made it clear that our education system needed to improve and told me how much he enjoyed Vermont and New Hampshire in the fall. Overall today was fantastic and I can’t wait to be in Canada tomorrow. I know I’ll be feasting on Coffee Crisps!

Some oddly low looking wheat

Just your average stretch of road in Michigan

“Harvest the wind!!!!!!!”

Today’s bike trail

8 responses to “Day 39: Frankenmuth, MI to Port Huron

  1. Keep pedaling and watch the road those holes look tricky. When I read quickly I thought you were in Connecticut-hence the Yale-but now I know there’s a Yale, Michigan. Hello, Canada !

    Hope tomorrow is a happy day for you.

  2. There is no place for confederate flags other than museums.

  3. Rudy Tanasijevich

    So proud of your ride Jack as well as the purpose behind it. I am telling all my friends about this amazing achievement of yours as well as your intellectual curiosity. Keep it up! Maine is only a few days away! ‍♂️
    -Rudy T.

  4. Ingrid Lauenstein

    Just catching up on your travels Jack. Michigan is interesting, a lot of militia groups are there, not surprised about the Confederate flags as many of those groups are suspicious of federal government. It was a big voter for Trump who promised to bring back jobs to the State, will be interesting to see how they vote in 2020-

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