Day 40: Port Huron, MI to Port Stanley, ON

What a lovely start to the Canadian leg of my trip. After crossing the border, it was a nice ride through the corn fields along Lake Erie. I have never seen so much corn and so many wind farms. I even came across anti wind farm signs again today! About halfway through my route I stopped at a blueberry stand. As anyone else would do at a blueberry stand, I bought cherries. Seriously, I bought cherries at a blueberry stand because the owner said they were better. They were some of the best cherries I’ve ever had! A little bit later I came across two other cross country (or now cross continent) bikers. They turned out to be the Be Loud Sophie group from Chapel Hill. We enjoyed the last 20 miles into town chatting about our experiences on the road. There, I met a very kind local named Jean and we had a fantastic chat about biking, sailing, and America. She is from Nova Scotia but moved to Ontario. She had biked all across the globe and had wonderful stories from India and Cuba. She told me of fun storms on Lake Erie. She also had an interesting view of American politics. She wishes there was more concern for the environment in both American and Canadian politics. I then enjoyed a great meal with the Be Loud Sophie bikers. We went over the people we have met in depth on our rides and our favorite places. I had a blast today and look forward to the rest of Canada.

Unlike oil rigs in the fields, wind farms in the fields

A sign that I wish I saw more frequently

I liked the bike part

Cool old home

“Stop the wind turbines”

Brian and Evan

Another town with fantastic lake perch

A proper desert

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