Day 41: Port Stanley, ON to Port Dover, ON

Today was another great day on the road. The clouds and trees provided a much appreciated cover from the hot Canadian sun. The black cat from a few days ago hit me with a few navigational challenges, but I worked my way around closed roads and bridges. It was spectacular along the lake and a little surprising to see so many farms right off the beach. I even came across a fennel farm today. When I stopped in a gas station I was told of the fennel farms and also how they employ refugees. I’m a huge fan of fennel so that was pretty cool. It was also really nice to pass through a bunch of cute little lakeside towns on the route. I kept expecting to smell a salty breeze because Lake Erie looked just like the ocean. Over the course of the entire route, there were hundreds of wind turbines and no shortage of pro wind energy signs. In town, I met a nice couple who had just moved from Quebec to Seattle. They were both into biking and were quite jealous of my trip. They were hopeful of America’s future, but said our nation needs to make some drastic social changes. To them, we are not taking climate change seriously enough and we need to be able to bridge our bipartisan divide. It was great hearing their insight. After another great meal of lake perch, I met a couple from Port Dover. They thought my trip was really cool and like everyone else I’ve met wished me the best of luck. I still am struck by the kindness of strangers everywhere. I look forward to another day along the lake.


Port Bruce

Detour time!

The lake

Another detour

A lucky way around

Interesting sign


This does not look like an effective or efficient irrigation method

Environmental sign

Birds, birds, and more birds!

Canada’s national bird center

Yes, I’m in Port Dover not Florida!

The port

The awesome B&B!!!

Downtown Port Dover

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  1. Never a bad meal of lake perch. Walleye are also big in Lake Erie.

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