Day 42: Port Dover, ON to Port Colborne, ON

My time in Canada has been absolutely fantastic and fascinating. First off, the people are so kind and have a genuine curiosity in what I’m doing. Literally everywhere on my route almost every person has said hello or greeted me with a warm smile as I pass on by. Over the past few days I have also met some incredible people and heard some amazing views on pressing issues. The views of America that I have come across are eye opening. Last night, I talked with locals about both American and Canadian politics. Most people I have met have been critical of America, but for the first time I listened to some be critical of Canada’s political system. Mary, from Port Dover, told me about Canada’s own problems. For example, the government is split over what to do with regards to climate change. Many of the central leaders view it as a threat and are instating policies to reduce emissions and protect our planet. On the other hand, many of the provincial leaders do not think climate change is a real threat and push for expanding the oil, natural gas, and timber industries. Overall, many Canadians have been sympathetic and like most Americans (that I’ve met) wish for a bridged political divide and that we will be able to agree on important issues such as climate change. Energy seems to be the center of debate. On a local level, I sensed a strong divide between those who are in favor of the wind turbine and those who are against them. I came across a lot of different signs everyday telling me the benefits or harms of wind power. Most of the locals I’ve talked to have been pro wind energy, but every now and then I meet a skeptic. Mary was for wind energy because she wants a healthy planet for her children and their children to live on. Feel free to post your opinion in the comments. It was odd today to pass through a town called Serlkik that had its own natural gas festival in the middle of an area filled with wind turbine and solar panels. It was a beautiful ride along the lake and I came across a lot of Saturday morning yard sales. Apparently that’s a big deal here because there was a lot of traffic. I also met a nice lady who ran a bike hostel on the lake. She was super nice and gave me extra water. Once I got to town, I had a great chat with the motel owner. He was a very spiritual man and thought it was great I was biking because he said that was a great way to learn about oneself. To him, the three most important things in life were nature, knowing oneself, and family. I love learning about new perspectives everyday. I later ran into some nice bikers at dinner who thought my trip was very cool. I look forward to crossing through Niagara Falls tomorrow!

**uploaded yesterday’s photos!


The Saturday yard sale traffic!!!!

Local history

I guess summer is road work season

Such a beautiful lake


Two cyclists going around all of the lakes

The other side said “turbines harm kids”

Yummy lunch

The great Chip Witch!

Another anti turbine sign

The Canadian side

The canal in town

More wind turbines!!

There is a solar farm in the background

Sorry the lake is super pretty

6 responses to “Day 42: Port Dover, ON to Port Colborne, ON

  1. Virginia Hall

    Wonderful update! Do not apologize for putting pictures of the scenery – it will be a wonderful way for you to look back and remember the special views and sights – and it brings the journey to life for us! So proud of you, Jack – keep it up!

  2. william harnett

    Any churches on your route ? Attending mass on Sunday ?

    • I have been trying to keep to a tight schedule so unfortunately I haven’t been able to stop by. I have been trying to keep track of what types of churches I pass

  3. I’m a librarian in Randolph County North Carolina and I want you to know how thoroughly I’m enjoying following you on your journey! Keep up the thoughtful and enlightening blogging and I wish you a safe and happy trip!

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