Day 44: Media, NY to Newark, NY

It was another beautiful day along the always interesting Erie Canal. This morning I was greeted by the usual gatekeepers of the bike trial, the Canadian Geese. I then stumbled into another long distance biker on the trail. It turns out he works at Cornell and also works for the American Cycling Association (ACA). To clarify, this was one of the people who helps to make my maps I follow! He was so kind in explaining his research and what he does for the ACA. He studies radio waves in our atmosphere so he gets to travel all over the world. He does his research near the earth’s poles and the equator, in places like Alaska and the Marshal Islands. He also helps find routes and guide tours for the ACA in his spare time. I also got to interview him as we rode. Here are my three big take aways. He is a family man. He believes we are lacking proper leaderships at a national level. He says the most important thing you can do is to be in the present. I learned so much more from him, but I really wanted to share those three things. We parted was around Freeport and I enjoyed the company of the geese (who do bite) for the rest of my ride. Once I got to Newark, I chatted with locals about the whole situation with Iran and we came to the conclusion that it’s in our best interest to stay out of that region. Overall today was fun and I look forward to more New York!

Some fun stairs!!

The pretty canal

Steven from the ACA, he also uses a Trek 520. He had plans to ride from Seattle to Fairbanks!!!

A sweet sign!

The sunrise over the canal

The patriotic shipping pallets!


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  1. Beautiful clouds. Just glad you don’t have to ride a bike like that guys little wheeled contraption.

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