Day 45: Newark, NY to Pulaski, NY

Today was a day of ice cream! I stopped at two different ice cream stands and got ice cream at a gas station. It was a lovely ride under the blazing sun and through terrain best described as mountainous. Regardless of what the maps says, it was a beautiful 86 miles with 3600 feet of climbing. I passed by serval fruit stands in the morning and ate as many blueberries as I possibly could. It was really nice to see that the family farms are alive and well. I only saw one corporate farm all day! In the afternoon, I got soft serve at two righteous looking soft serve stands. I even had a cherry float with real cherries in it. I met plenty of locals who wished me luck and took great care in my safety on the ride today. After what I thought was a long day on the road, I heard what the Bike Loud guys did today as they rolled into Pulaski. They had biked over a hundred miles today and climbed even more than I did. We had a fun dinner and went grocery shopping tonight. We did this all under a giant storm cloud that I’m sure will hit us tonight and tomorrow. This storm looks huge and I’ve seen a lot of nasty storms on this trip. It was great to spend more time with the Bike Loud guys. Their perspective of America’s broken system, climate change, the value of meaningful relationships in life really struck me. I love getting to meet so many people and I look forward to more!


3 “Don’t tread on me” and 1 confederate flag today

A family orchard

The daily closed road

Cool building

I’ve cream stand number 1

Berry stand!


The storm

Ice cream stand number 2


4 responses to “Day 45: Newark, NY to Pulaski, NY

  1. Just a happy thought as you close in the last weeks of your trip and mentally head home too. Our most favorite taco truck will be coming back this coming Monday to Calavander, so continue to pedal so I can treat you to a taco and hear in person about your trip!

  2. Well Jack if there is a list of people that can afford the calories of three ice creams and a cheery float, we would find you on the top. As to the blueberries my friend, we will get you some of the real ones, the wild ones, when you make it to Maine!

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