Day 46: Pulaski, NY to Old Forge, NY

I will never forget today. It was a long, but beautiful ride in the rain to Old Forge. I traveled through the scenic and surprisingly steep Adirondack Mountains. I passed through a lot of pretty little towns along the route. They were all of great historical significance and had many lovely little buildings. The homes each had their own stone walls. It felt as if I was biking through a Robert Frost poem. There were only a handful of small farms along the route as I made my way back into the mountains. I met a lot of kind locals who gave me many words of encouragement as they saw me pass by in the rain. It felt pretty great to get to town after another 3600 feet of climbing. I talked to some locals about the upside and downside of the tourism. They said while they enjoy the economic boom, they worry that the tourism and the waste produced by it is harming the local water sources such as the Moose River. To them, it was a worth the trade off. I then went to a great pizza place they recommended. Overall, I learned a lot about New York and myself today.

A misty lake

Interesting building

A cool house

Escaping the rain

A typical cheese grater style bridge

The Moose River


7 responses to “Day 46: Pulaski, NY to Old Forge, NY

  1. Less than one week left!!! Enjoy every moment.

  2. Beautiful, moody photographs of the rainy landscape. I’m so glad you’ve gotten the chance to have this adventure this summer.

  3. Catching up on your blog from Greece! I’m thrilled by the interplay of writing and experience that’s reflected here, Jack. You’ve harnessed the power of writing to bring others along on your journey, and the writing of Robert Frost enhanced your experience of this landscape. I predict that it will be deeply satisfying to assemble your thoughts and create new things from this journey in your Independent Study.

  4. HI JACK!! Miss you and I can’t wait to see you soon!!

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