Day 47: Old Forge, NY to Schroon Lake, NY

Today was blissful. I don’t know if it was the other worldly morning mist or the raw beauty of the wilderness, but today was absolutely spectacular. I biked 90 miles and climbed almost 4500 feet and I enjoyed every moment. I even enjoyed my 20 miles of road construction in the morning. I took the opportunity to talk to the construction workers as I waited in line. They are definitely some of the nicest and most entertaining folks I have ever met. I passed through areas that were home to some of America’s first wilderness preserves and first outdoor tourism destinations. I even had the lunch of champions today – -a pint of ice cream and Red Bull! After my fantastic meal, I met a college cross country coach with great stories about Glacier National Park, a place that we both love. He wished me the best of luck as I continued through the mountains. I had a few more steep climbs until I got to the town of North Creek. There, I stopped by a righteous bakery and had a great chat with locals about commercial composting. Again, everyone was so kind and happy to see me exploring our beautiful country. After some more steep climbs (I’m sorry the roads in the Adirondacks are very, very steep), I reached Schroon Lake. I quickly learned that it is pronounced like “Skroon” lake, but they just spell is with a “ch” instead of a “k”. I had a great chat with a local named Richard. He was a believer in the Constitution. He didn’t care if a candidate was red or blue, all he cared about is whether their policy was constitutional. We talked about border control, capitalism vs socialism, global trade, and the Equal Rights Act. He was the embodiment of the American Dream. I learned a lot from our talk and I love witnessing all these different perspectives. I look forward into crossing into a past home state of mine tomorrow, Vermont!


Seventh Lake

The righteous bakery

Leaving the park

“Freedom isn’t Free”

The magical sunrise


6 responses to “Day 47: Old Forge, NY to Schroon Lake, NY

  1. Home stretch jack. Great job. Can’t wait to have you compile all that you’ve learned and experienced.

  2. So glad you will be in VT! We are still in Charlotte- if you need anything please let us know!!

  3. Jack, I’ve been enjoying reading your blog. I just finished my trip from New Jersey to Anacortes so I’ve been enjoying reading your trip from the opposite direction. My niece lives in Durham and I think she saw an article about you in the paper and recommended your blog. I’m sure our paths crossed even though I didn’t meet you.

    It’s interesting that you’ve missed things that I saw along the way and that I’ve missed things that you’ve seen. However, it’s interesting also how many things we shared in common. For example, how did you find The Squeeze Inn?

    Although we may or may not disagree on political issues, I enjoy the enthusiasm and your posts. I fear that with age one becomes cynical. Try not to let the a**holes get you down! Enjoy the rest of your ride!

    Dr. John

    • Thank you so much! I try to approach each day with an open mind and wirh the same mindset wirh everyone I meet. I randomly stumbled into the Squeeze Inn and it just happened to be another one of the “joys of the road”. I try to stay neutral on political topics, but I do enjoy renewable energy sources. Thank you for your support and interest!

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