Day 49: Rest Day!

Today was my first real rest day in 37 days and it was special as my Dad has joined me for the next few days (which are my last days on this trip). We decided to go down memory lane as I grew up nearby. In the morning, I had a fantastic tour at Middlebury and met some very nice folks. Then, we checked out all of my old stomping grounds. We went to my favorite playground at the Red Mill Restaurant and my old house in the town of Charlotte. Charlotte, Vermont is pronounced completely differently than Charlotte, North Carolina. My hometown in Vermont is pronounced like “Charlot”. That was very confusing for my parents when we moved to North Carolina. Anyways, I had a lot of fun and ate a ton of food as I prepare for the final push!

No “NIMBY” in Vermont! (“Not in my backyard”)

The playground of my youth!

My old house!

Best ham ever!

Me in town

Dinner with the Klinkenbergs

4 responses to “Day 49: Rest Day!

  1. Thomas Harnett

    See you Tuesday Jack!

  2. I wish I had been there for memory lane!! So many wonderful family memories in Vermont.

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