Day 51: Fairlee, VT to Bridgton, ME

Today was a day that I live for as both a cyclist and a fan of adventure. It was a day of impressive numbers. I climbed 5,600 feet and biked about 100 miles through the rain over several mountain passes. It was only fitting that the penultimate day would have the most feared pass on the East Coast because my second day on the West Coast had the worst pass in that region of the country. Today’s main event was the Kacamagus Pass with a large unnamed pass leading up to it. It was just like day two of my trip, Washington pass with a smaller and less well known pass right before it. Oh, and this gets even better. Months ago, my Dad’s chain fell off coming down Washington Pass and today the same thing happened coming down Kacamagus Pass. I thought that was kind of freaky. I’m so glad that my Dad joined me for the first few and last few days of this adventure but I’m sure he wishes his chains stayed put on those crazy passes. I had a lot fun heading through the mountains for the last time and I will definitely miss the climbs and views. I pedaled through three different states today and once I got to Maine we were saved by the kindness of the motel owner. She lent us her car so we could make the mile and half drive into town for dinner. This trip has opened my eyes and given me so much hope in our beautiful nation.


The sunrise in Vermont

The morning glow in New Hampshire

The first pass into what I would call a forested canyon

Just a nice steep road sign (9% grade)

Watch out for the Moose!

A warm welcome from Maine

The east coast’s scariest pass (it wasn’t very hard)

A pretty cool photo of me

Shall I hike home? (Appalachian Trail)

Local land debate

Sorry I missed cows

8 responses to “Day 51: Fairlee, VT to Bridgton, ME

  1. Huge congratulations on an adventure that will always be with you, and this experience is one of those rides no matter how hard you try only you will truly understand. Love that the hotel owner allowed you to borrow the car! Alright, I just have to ask…did you walk up some of that climb…smiles.

    Thanks for sharing your journey it’s been a fun part of my summer too.

  2. Laurie Oakley

    Never a dull moment. Thank you for sharing your wonderful adventure with all of us !

  3. Welcome to Maine Jack. You had dinner just a mile from our camp in Bridgton! See you tonight.
    Be well.

  4. Congrats on an impressive day, and an impressive trip. I used to live within walking distance of that bridge between Orford, New Hampshire and Fairlee, VT. What a beautiful area. Too bad you couldn’t stop for a swim in the Connecticut River!

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