Day 52: Bridgton, ME to Brunswick, ME

After 52 days, with only 2 days off, I made it to the Atlantic Ocean! It has been an incredible journey and I have walked (biked) away with a completely new perspective of our beautiful nation. I would like to thank everyone for their support and I will post a more detailed update/reflection soon. Currently, I am just enjoying the present and some fresh seafood!

Dipping my tires in the Atlantic!!!

12 responses to “Day 52: Bridgton, ME to Brunswick, ME

  1. Wow. Congratulations!!!!!!!
    Ms. GB

  2. Joseph Kibiwott

    Congratulations on making it to the finish line. It was pleasure meeting you on your excursion and I hope it is fully rewarding for you. I look forward to reading the summary of your entire journey and the lessons learned. I also wish you all the best as you scale the ladder of education and also hope that you will positively influence your generation in every virtue. Make this nation a strong and a place for everybody who seeks to make her better in their own good way.

  3. Jack, this is wonderful news! Congratulations! Amazing that you have a few weeks of summer left over. Time to ponder it all, rest, or work in one more adventure?

  4. Rudy Tanasijevich

    So fantastic Jack! What an accomplishment. You are an inspiration for many reasons. Good luck your senior year and enjoy some time off your bike.
    -Rudy T.

  5. Donna Windish

    Congratulations on your achieving your goal! Thanks for taking us with you on this incredible journey!

  6. Congratulations Jack- very impressive accomplishment!

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