Feb 21


First please come see Merrily We Roll Along tonight, tomorrow night or Saturday! There has been a lot of work put into the show by many different people so if possible come out and support the DA Theatre program!

Another part of lighting is Sidelight. Sidelight is what it sounds like: light that comes from the side. It helps provide visibility, add dimensionality, and helps direct the audiences focus. Sidelight can be very useful when there are walls or ceilings in the set designs, so all places on the stage can be lit and not look flat.

Overhead sidelight is the most used type of sidelight. In order to get a successful sidelight a couple of things must happen. One, it needs to make sure to help the needs of the production. If the show needs light to hit a certain place and it doesn’t then the lighting designs have failed. Two, there must be enough lights to cover the whole area. If there isn’t enough light or the wrong type it can mess up how the lights look and end up not looking good. They have to make sure not to hit an masking or any places that are not supposed to be lit. It can also create a shadow from the actor if not used carefully, so you must be careful when using sidelight to not create a strange or unwanted shadow. Third on each side of the stage, the lights must be the same: including beams, placement, angle, and instrument types. So they blend together well enough that it looks like its all from the same source. If one side looks different then the other it can through the look off.

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  1. Tina Bessias

    I’ll watch for this effect as I see Merrily We Roll Along this weekend!

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