Mar 22

The Rivers of Light

This week, we have begun to work on the lights for the ITP and the dance concert, but this is not the focus this week’s blog post.

Last week during spring break, I traveled to Walt Disney World in Orlando. While there, I saw the Rivers of Light show in Animal Kingdom. Earlier this year, I had listened to Hillary Rosen talked about this show, because she helped design it. I really loved the show because it was amazing to see how lights can be used in ways outside of theatre or dance. The lights really helped tell the story. They were able to project light onto a screen of water and the images looked amazing. It was so cool to see that because I hadn’t seen anything like it. There were so many moving parts and lights used in the show. There were lights on the flowers that changed color and each color blended together well to create the show.

I remember Mrs. Rosen talking about the different challenges they faced in designing this show. The show takes place on a lake and water is a big part of the show. The designers had to work with the lights to make sure they were not going to be damaged by the water, but still work normally. They had to but special covers over the lights and had to design them to not affect the lights. She also talked about how they had to synchronize all the lights so they would work right with each other. They are all connected so no one has to operate a board during the show. I feel like I was able to better appreciate how incredible the show is because of hearing her speak, and I am very happy I got the opportunity to.

Overall, I loved seeing this because it shows how light can be used beyond what people think of in the normal sense. There are so many ways to use lights, and the possibles grows as technology grows too. I wanted to include two videos I took of two really cool parts of the show, but the files were too big to upload, so there is a link below to a video of the whole show  that someone else filmed. If anyone has to chance to see the show in person I definitely recommend it.


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