Apr 18

Lighting for Dance

This week the school’s dance show took place. For the show I designed the lights for three of the dances. I learned a lot about the designing the lights. First I had to watch the dances multiple times. I looked for changes in the music and when the dancers exited and entered. I marked those times down so I would know when I wanted to change the lights during the dance. The lights for the dance don’t stay the same because that would be boring. Instead they change in subtle or sometimes more dramatic ways as the dance changes. I also needed to figure out what the costumes were so I could make sure the lights and costume did not clash. I also needed to talk to the choreographer to see what they wanted with the lights.

One of the costumes were copper tops and black bottoms so I did a purple coloring to go along with them. For the second the costumes were purple, yellow, or pink top with black bottoms. I did more red coloring because it did not clash and it fit with the dance which was more of a hip hop dance. The third was more upbeat and fun so I did a lot more colors.

I had to put all my knowledge of different types of lights to work to create the looks for the dances. During the dance I used the cyclorama for the main source of colors. I had a few LEDs on the side to add some colors on the side. The side light added some shadows and made the dancers look 3-D. I also had a lot of white light to help light the dancers faces and bodies so the audience could see. We had a few backlights that were a pinkish color that we used for some accents in the dances.

I learned the most important lesson was that lighting isn’t something someone can do on their own. They need to work with everyone else (costumer designer, choreographer, sound, etc.).

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