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Apr 18

Lighting for Dance

This week the school’s dance show took place. For the show I designed the lights for three of the dances. I learned a lot about the designing the lights. First I had to watch the dances multiple times. I looked for changes in the music and when the dancers exited and entered. I marked those …

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Mar 31

Light Plots

This week, I worked to help prepare for the two upcoming shows: The Dance Concert and the ITP show. We hung some lights, and I learned how to use stencils to create a neat light plot that is easy to follow. Different lights are represented by different shapes. They are drawn on a map of …

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Mar 22

The Rivers of Light

This week, we have begun to work on the lights for the ITP and the dance concert, but this is not the focus this week’s blog post. Last week during spring break, I traveled to Walt Disney World in Orlando. While there, I saw the Rivers of Light show in Animal Kingdom. Earlier this year, …

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Mar 08

Lights in Kenan

This week I worked with some of the students in Mr. Kavanagh’s Technical Theatre class to test out how some ellipsoidal lights would look in different places in Kenan. I work with three different lenses (36 degrees, 26 degrees, and 19 degrees), and we tested them in three different locations (the catwalk, the balcony and the …

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Feb 28

Jean Rosenthal

This week, I looked into how lighting design is applied to dance shows. I read a couple of articles about this topic. In one from the Guardian, I read about how light does more than just make the dancers visible, it is actually part of the show. The lights are like the choreography, they evolve …

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Feb 21


First please come see Merrily We Roll Along tonight, tomorrow night or Saturday! There has been a lot of work put into the show by many different people so if possible come out and support the DA Theatre program! Another part of lighting is Sidelight. Sidelight is what it sounds like: light that comes from …

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Feb 15

Focusing Lights

This week I have learned about focusing lights. Once lights have been hung, they must be focused so they can hit the stage in the correct way. To start the lights must be turned on so the lights can be seen since you can’t focus a light where you can’t see where it is hitting. …

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Feb 08


This week we had another hang session for the lights for the show Merrily We Roll Along. But the focus of this post will be on some of what I have been researching on my own. I have been doing my research from the book A Practical Guide to Stage Lighting by Steven Louis Shelley. One …

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Feb 01

Learning to read Light Plots

This week, we started to hang the lights for the upcoming show, Merrily We Roll Along. A light plot is a map of the stage that has the electrics on it. On this, lighting designers will draw out where they want each light to be hung for a show. They draw different shapes for different …

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Jan 29

My First Post

The semester started last week so I have just began my independent study. I have mainly started with doing research in the book A Practical Guide to Stage Lighting by Steven Louis Shelley. I have started to learn about backlight which is a type of light that comes from behind the object being lite. There are …

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