My Independent Study Proposal

Lighting Design


Teacher Advisor: Mr. Kavanagh


  • How can lights be used to help tell a story?
  • How do the different types of light affect the lighting?
  • How do the position of the lights affect the lighting?


  • The lights in Kenan
  • The lightboard in the booth
  • Designing with Light: An Introduction to Stage Lighting By J. Michael Gillette and Michael McNamara
  • A Practical Guide to Stage Lighting by Steven Louis Shelley
  • ETC Video Library Learning Series
    • ETC Element Lighting Control Board
    • ColorSource LED fixtures



  • Aid in the design of lights and focusing for ITP
    • I will help create the lighting plot for the show
  • Aid in the design of lights ¬†and focusing for Dance concert
    • I will help create the lighting plot for the show
  • Aid with focusing lights for the winter musical


Final Product:

  • Portfolio of picture of the lights I helped design and work on
    • These can be seen by light plots that are drawn then can be scanned onto a computer
  • The rep plot to be used for a base between shows.
  • My goal at the end of the semester is to feel comfortable in being able to design, create a light plot, and implement the lights in a show.


Weekly Plan:

Week 1: Jan 21-25: Start with learning basics

I will learn about advance programming of light board to include the creation of magic sheets, creating patch, using groups and intensity pallets, creating effects, using moving lights, programming sub-masters, using remote focus units and programming LED fixations. I will also learn about the effects of different types of lights, photo-metrics, reflector and lenses and lamps, different fixtures (cut-sheets), lighting accessory, lighting paperwork.


Week 2: Jan 28 -1: Start with learning basics


Week 3: Feb 4 – 8: Start with learning basics


Week 4: Feb 11-15: Working on Musical lights

I will mostly be hanging and focusing lights following the design of Andy Parks, who designs the lights for all DA Theatre productions.


Week 5: Feb 18-22: Working on Musical lights


Week 6: Feb 25-1: Take down musical lights and set to a base


Week 7: March 4-8: Work on ITP light

I will mostly be helping design the lights with Mr. Kavanagh by creating the light plot. I will also help with the hanging and focusing of the lights.


Week 8: March 11-15: Work on ITP light


Week 9: March 18-22: Work on ITP light


Week 10: March 25-29: Work on ITP light


Week 11: April 2-6: Finish ITP, start dance


Week 12: April 8-12: Work on Dance lights

For Dance it will be the same as for ITP.


Week 13: April 15-19: Work on Dance lights


Week 14: April 22-26: Create rep plot

I will create the rep plot on my own with a little guidance as needed from Mr. Kavanagh.


Week 15: April 29-3: Create rep plot


Week 16: May 6-10: Create rep plot


Week 17: May 13-17: Create rep plot