Online Writing Reviser Tool

SAS Curriculum Pathways is a site and program designed to “enhance student achievement and teacher effectiveness” (as seen on the website). The online writing reviser tool works by taking a piece of writing that you’ve written, copying and pasting it into the box. Then, you can click on different things such as “weak verbs”, or “modifiers” or “transitions”and it tells you how many and which type of all of these things are in your paper. I think that this tool is really useful because it allows the reader to see in numbers how repetitive they are in the writing and in which ways they should vary their style of writing up. However, I think that it is also necessary to have an actual person read the paper, and therefore online revising could never replace an english teacher. The writing tool is useful but it doesn’t tell you about the actual content of your paper, if your thesis is clear, and if your point is being made well. Also, you can’t ask a computer questions (At least not right now, butI’m sure soon enough we will be able to).In order to be as successful as possible, I think the best thing to do is to use both of these resources.

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Top Movies

I started to follow a blog that I really liked and saw that one of her posts was a list of her favorite movies and then a different list for her favorite books. After reading these two lists, I felt like I almost knew her and knew what stage of her life she was in. Also, I felt that I could maybe even describe her personality even though I have never met her. I would do my favorite books, but there are just way too many, and I wouldn’t want to leave one out. Although, I definitely recommend all of Jodi Picoult’s books (especially Nineteen Minutes). So instead, here is a list of my top five movies.

In no specific order:

1. 50 First Dates

2. Second Hand Lions

3. The Blind Side

4. Dead Silence

5. Stick It

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Itunes Comment

I commented on a song, “Home”  by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetics because it is not very well-known but definitely one of my favorites!

Here is the comment: “I haven’t heard the other songs on this cd, but “Home” is worth the purchase itself. My friend showed me this song a while ago and I didn’t think I would like it because its a much different type of music than I’ve listened to before. But after I played it once, I listened to it continually on repeat because it doesn’t get old. A lot of songs get old fast so that’s a huge compliment and this song and the band is underrated. The beat is great and the lyrics are an atypical love story if you listen closely to them. This song is great and I recommend it to everyone who wants to try something new. I have never met a person who didn’t like this song, so it is definitely worth your $1.29 purchase!!!”

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Skyrocketing Gas Prices

News Websites:

While I have been looking at news websites and news channels on tv, I’ve noticed a recurring theme throughout them. The skyrocketing gas prices. Since I am only 17 years old, I don’t have to pay fully for my gas, but when I go to the gas pump and watch the money spin up rapidly, it is a stressful feeling. I have to fill up my car one time about every week and a half, since i live about 25 minutes from school. Every day I drive to and from school and the gas is wasted shortly. Not to mention, the weekend trips to the grocery store, or to a friend’s house. Everybody seems to have a simple solution: carpool. But, I live far from pretty much anyone that I coud ask for a ride home and at the same time, it’s inconvenient to drive everyday with my mother to school since we have different schedules, and there are sports practices and meetings. Being a student, the gas prices are just another thing that we have to worry about within the day to day business of our lives.




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Blogging – What Works

After looking at many blogs and searching around  the internet, I’ve come to realize what makes the writing on a blog a good blog, and what makes one not as good. The writing has to have proper punctuation and even though there are some exceptions since it is a more causal type of writing, writing sentences……. this will never be a success….. Although I did see that many times while looking at blogs. The writing can be very freestyle and you can say whatever comes to your mind at that time. However, at that same time, it’s necessary to get your point across in simple words. I don’t know about you, but I don’t like to read on and on with long descriptions online. That being said, in the sentences that are written, there has to be enough detail since the overall writings are usually much shorter than normal essays and writing types.

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While exploring multiple blogs, I came across one that caught my attention. It’s written by a girl, the age that I can’t figure out, but she is from London. In her posts, she takes popular sayings or phrases that she came across and found interesting, and then writes her thoughts and opinions about them. I found it especially interesting because at the end of multiple posts she said, “Reader, what do you think?” Underneath were many replies back either disagreeing or agreeing. I liked how she really wanted to know what other people thought of her take on things and how she truly wanted to know the reader’s view as well. She takes topics that I’ve never really thought about before and forms an opinion on them. For example, “Childhood is a kingdom where nobody dies” and “Age is a prison from which we cannot escape”. I was intrigued by these posts and saw that she had a post bout her Top Ten: Movies and Top Ten:Books. I think that just from looking at anyone’s top ten of movies or books, you can learn a lot about them. I recommend this blog to everyone: just know that you’ll be thinking a lot while reading it!

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International Day 4-20-11

For many years, Durham Academy Upper School has held in International Day in April. I generally look forward to this day each and every year because I like learning about other cultures, and we often get all wrapped up in the hustle and bustle of our daily lives to know what’s going on in other parts of the country. The feast with food representing many countries is by far the best part of the day, in which everyone samples new types of food that they may have not even heard of before. This year however, the international day was centered around the theme of education. We watched a documentary following around 7 different children’s lives and their learning resources. Naturally, putting 400 high school students in an auditorium for multiple hours will gain many sleeping students, but overall I found the documentary interesting. A lot of the boys and girls in the other countries has such motivation to go to school. Some even walked 2 hours against their parents will because they wanted to learn! Girls fought against the social norm in order to get an education and make something of themselves. This took me back a bit because I realized how much I took my education for granted. I thought school was something that every person my age was forced to go to but that’s not the case at all. This year at International Day, I realized how fortunate and lucky I am and have been my whole life for getting the education that I do have.

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Hello world!

Welcome to DA Labs Sites. This is my first blog and my very first post. Hope you enjoy the blog and all my thoughts!

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