Jane Goodall


Jane Goodall

It was a warm day at Gombe, Africa. A chimpanzee walked up to her. The chimp reminded her of the doll she had when she was little. The chimpanzee reached out and played with her shirt. Jane Goodall still lives with chimpanzees.

Jane Goodall’s early life was mostly normal. Jane was born on April 3, 1934, in London, England. The part of her youth that wasn’t normal was when her parents divorced. She had a chimpanzee doll when she was little. She loved animals and always has. She attended Cambridge University in England and even got a PHd in Ethology (the scientific study of animal behavior).

Jane’s mid life was really fun and extraordinary! Jane Goodall sailed to Gombe, Africa in 1957. Jane married Baron Hugo Van Lawick. Later they had a baby boy nicknamed Grub, but when Grub was about 7 years old Jane and Hugo got divorced. Jane remarried 20 years later. Jane wrote a lot of books including: My Friends The Wild Chimpanzees, In The Shadows Of Man, The Chimpanzees Of Gombe and Through A Window. These books changed the way people thought about chimps.

Jane Goodall is in her later life now! Her second husband died of cancer in 1980. Jane was awarded the Edinburgh Medal and the Hubbard Hedal, then she started the Jane Goodall Institute. At the institute they improve global understanding and treatment of great apes through research and education

Jane Goodall is really important to the world. She changed the way people thought about chimps,monkeys, baboons, gorillas, and lemurs  and she still is! She taught the world that these animals are nice, living things that live on the same planet as us.

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  1. Colin Mackay says:

    I like your report. Why did she like animals so much?

  2. 20towningm says:

    I like your ending, do you like chimpanzees?

  3. 20geschwindt says:

    Do you know Jane Goodall’s second husband’s name?

  4. Chris Mason says:

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  5. Caro Smithwick says:

    I found the report very interesting and well written.

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