Privacy Settings & Policies

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Privacy and WordPress

  • Each WordPress blog on Labs has its own Privacy settings, accessed through the Tools->Privacy menu. There are two options, basically asking: do you want your blog indexed by search engines?
  • If yes, then your blog can be crawled by Google, Bing, Altavista (yes, it still exists, but is owned by Yahoo), etc. This includes images, texts, and potentially even things you link to.
  • If no, anyone on the internet can always type the complete address to your blog into their web browser and get to it, but they will not find photos you have posted in Google Image Search, for example.
  • There is currently no way to publish to WordPress, but only allow registered users of our domain to view them. Please bear this in mind as you produce content. If Google crawls your site, for example, it will cache the contents of your site as well, so even if we turn the server off or delete information from your blog, it would still be available through the site caching feature of Google.
  • Please keep in mind the guidelines outlined in the Durham Academy Employee Handbook as well as the Acceptable Use Policy for technology.
  • Example: You shouldn’t use student’s full names, and be especially careful when captioning photographs.
  • Example: Students need to make sure their “Nickname” and then their “Display Name Publicly as” (In “Dashboard->Profile”) is set to something other than their full name. We recommend first name, last initial, as in “Aleister C.”
  • Example: Be careful if linking to a student’s or staffmember’s blog-they may prefer to keep their blog private.

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