What can Big Data teach us about us?


We will first watch the following talk by David McCandless about visualizing data:

https://informationisbeautiful.net (David McCandless’s website)


Next take a look at the following web sites:


  • Big data can show us patterns and trends we might not think about or know that they exist.

Discuss and Respond:

Answer the following five questions in your blog post. You may discuss these ideas with a classmate, but everyone is responsible for their own post.

  1. Click on the following link, a NASA image of the earth at night:
    What does this image show or tell us about population centers throughout the world? Where do the majority of the world’s citizens live?
  2. This tech seminar post is being discussed near or right before fall semester exams at DA. If DA had its own Twitter network, what do you think the top three hashtags would have been on the DA Twitterverse during the last few weeks? What extra hashtag might the seniors at DA have been using, unlike any other grade at the Upper School?
  3. What big data project could be created to analyze something about every 9th grade student in the entire United States? How about the world?
  4. How would you collect that data for the project you mentioned in question 3?
  5. After looking at McCandless’s website, if you had the opportunity to create a data visualization project on any topic that interests you, what would it be?

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