Dina is the modern love story that our society needs. It shows that love comes in all shapes and sizes, Dina is a positive role model for young girls, and because it accurately portrays mental illness. This is a positive movie because it portrays two “regular” people who fall in love. This is significant because hollywood often only portrays love between incredibly wealthy, attractive, and skinny people. Dina shows that everyone deserves love, no matter what you look like, no matter what mental illness you may or may not be suffering from, and no matter what that love looks like. Secondly, Dina is the positive role model that young women need because of her perseverance and her morals. Dina is one of the most resilient women who I have heard of; her husband was killed, her boyfriend stabbed her 7-8 times, and she was still strong enough to be open for love, even after she had been hurt so many times before. She shows that the world is going to hurt you sometimes and sometimes you are not going to immediately get what you want, but that doesn’t mean that you give up, it does not mean that you stop trying, it means that you have even more reasons to try harder than you were before.

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