The Cult of Documentary-Goers — & Why I’m Proud To Be a Part of It

Each time I entered the Carolina Theater last weekend, I was struck by the pandemonium of the lobby. The space was consistently crowded and constantly filled with the sound of loud, upbeat voices and I felt… comfortable. It felt wonderful to be side by side with other individuals who’d chosen to spend their day– or even their weekend– devoting time to attempting to see the world through the perspective of others.
Moreover, in the theater, during each of the four documentaries I saw, the audience was focused and invigorated. The status quo was to laugh at the top of your lungs when something funny occurred and this openness– this cultural of being involved and passionate– fit me well. Full Frame made me remember how much I relish the act of learning and listening simply to gain a better understanding of the breadth of the human experience. Full Frame’s populace was intentional, accepting, and aware and I value these qualities more than I can even begin to express. The vibe of the festival overall was just the vibe I hope to exude to each person I meet and discovering this truth was priceless. Here’s to a future full of film-friends and many, many more documentaries!

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