Full Frame 2018

I had never gone to something like Full Frame before or frankly even know that Full Frame existed five blocks away from I lived. I signed up for this seminar because I felt it was an opportunity I couldn’t give up. On the first day as a collective group, we went to see On Her Shoulders, which was about a young girl named Nadia Murad who has become an activist for the injustice done to her people, the Yazidis. She reminded me of Malala and the MSD students who are all teenage activists. I loved how Alexandria Bombach, the director, really brought to life the struggle and pain she has endured as well as the hope and determination within her that lies behind the layer of torment. A stylistic choice that I loved was the effort to let the silence drive out the emotion in someone. Many times during the film there would be scenes of Nadia sitting on a stool or on a couch just thinking or staring at the camera. She wasn’t saying anything but you could feel what she was feeling and I felt I somewhat understood what she was trying to say even though no conversation was occurring. At one point in the film, Nadia and her team are on a balcony in Canada watching people in public walk, play, laugh and live. They all had a smile on their faces because of it. You could feel their longing for their people to experience peace and be able to walk and play in public without fear that violence would ensue. I left the theater affected by the film as well as reflective of the life I live. That’s what I love about film in general and documentaries specifically. The purpose of film is to entertain an audience as well as feed them different and complex perspective fo the world. It’s so amazing to see an array of films that have been created by a spectrum of people whether they be amateurs who are just starting their career as filmmakers or mature and well-known filmmakers who have made a name of themselves. My intuition was correct in thinking that I would have fun as well as learn some new things that I didn’t know before if I took this seminar.

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