Full Frame 2018

I really enjoyed my time at Full Frame! I have only known about the Full Frame Film Festival for a couple years and I have always been interested, however I never made the time to go. I have always enjoyed documentary films; however, I usually just watched them when they were assigned in class, not because I found one that really intrigued me.

Of all of the films I watched, my absolute favorite was Owned: A Tale of Two Americas, a film about housing in the Unites States, and its relation to institutionalized racism. When I was choosing the films I wanted to see, I remember I chose this film because I had just read the article “The Case for Reparations” by Ta-Nehisi Coates for my English class, and I also have some knowledge on the topic of institutionalized racism in the justice system from the crimes and punishments class I took my sophomore year. So, based on my interest in the topic I knew I would like the documentary, but I had no idea that I would like it this much. Even thought I’m interested in the topic, I figured that it might be emotionally draining because of the gravity and length of the film. However, I was completely surprised by how this film managed to provide comedic relief and how the editing allowed it to skip from location and characters seamlessly, which could easily hold the focus of someone with even the shortest attention span. This also showed how the issue is one that affects the entire country. Another stylistic decision that I really enjoyed were the montages of animation or clips from older films that aided in comedic relief or displayed insight on past views. I especially liked one clip that has a recent sketch from SNL to display how federal housing programs have increased income inequality. I also thought the Q&A was very eye-opening as well. The director, Giorgio Angelini, said that to find a solution to the problem one must understand that the history is a shared one and needs to learn more about it. This resonated with me because it is very similar to the conclusion that I came to with some of my peers in my English class about the Coates article (Angelini later mentioned this article in the Q&A as well). I really enjoyed this film because it was both educational and entertaining. I have also really enjoyed this experience as a whole and will continue to watch more documentaries!

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