Full Frame Film: Ressaca

On Thursday and Friday, I attended Full Frame Film Festival with Durham Academy’s seminar program. On Thursday, we all went to see a group of two films. The first was called The Ambassador’s Wife, which was a twenty minute short film about the life of Burkina Faso’s French ambassador’s wife. However, the second film we saw is called Ressaca, and we saw it as its North American premiere. Ressaca is one of the greatest documentaries I’ve ever seen. It is about Brazil’s Municipal theater, and the financial crisis that it’s shutting it down. The camera work was exquisite, and the sound design was incredible. Ressaca followed the stories of 3 artists living in Brazil. First, Marcia moved to Austria and became the Prima Ballerina. However, the only reason she moved was because she had not been paid for two months. Second, Felipe  is another dancer who had not been paid for two months, so he has to drive for Uber as he can barely pay his rent. Finally, João was a longtime Usher at the municipal theater. He had to do many odd jobs to support himself and his family. I was lucky enough to run into the filmmaker, Vincent Rimbaux, at lunch on Friday. He told me that he had experienced very similar hardships in his life. He told me that he had to work many jobs everyday just to barely get by, and he wanted to express this through the political and financial issues that are currently happening in Brazil. Mr. Rimbaux also told me that this film was his first. Overall, Ressaca was a beautiful film And I highly suggest watching it when it is distributed to theaters or to stream, as I’m sure it will be. 

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