The Power of Filmmaking Techniques

While the goal of documentary filmmaking is to depict a true story with an authentic message, so much meticulous planning and careful decisions go into the creation of these films. Between the stylistic choices and the specific technical conventions of a film, directors have the power to emphasize their message beyond the characters’ physical actions by creating a specific mood. My experience this year at Full Frame unexpectedly taught me so much about the technical aspects and compositional elements of filmmaking. Continue reading

‘On Her Shoulders’ And ‘América’: Full Frame 2018

When a person can feel connections to complete strangers around them, it is an indescribable experience. I felt this way at the Full Frame film festival as I sat in a theatre surrounded by a hundred other people who were there for the same reason as I: to appreciate films. People of all ages, races, and gender connected in the shared emotion instilled in us through the powerful films that shown. All of us left our day to day lives to recognize the hard work people dedicated to the creation of their documentary, and learn from their work, and we all left feeling inspired, no matter what films we had seen.

There were two films that left me feeling especially inspired and reflective: América by Erick Stoll and Chase Whiteside, and On Her Shoulders by Alexandria Bombach. Both of these films were displayed in a truly pensive and poignant, yet powerful stories. I also noticed a prominent connection between the two; Continue reading