The Meaning of Life in Gort, Ireland

When All is Ruin Once AgainĀ is about a small town called Gort in rural Ireland. Maybe it’s not the film that grabs your eye. There is no gripping hook, no murder mystery, Ponzi scheme or insurrection. And yet despite the film’s absence of a grand plot or narrative arch, the film draws the viewer into a world where the little things count, captivating audiences by skillfully weaving humor with profound sentiments — all against a backdrop of the Irish countryside. When All is Ruin Once AgainĀ takes the notion of an idealistic Irish town and turns it on its head. Without dismissing the famous Irish charm or soothing, lilting accent, the film adds nuance and further facets to the perceived character of Irish towns and their inhabitants. The men nursing a pint in local pubs have thoughts to share about life — why it exists, why they are there, the origins of the human race — or climate change. Continue reading