Full Frame Experience 2019

This year I was able to attend around 7 films which include some short films. A reoccurring theme that I noticed was how people cope with traumatic experiences. While most documentaries follow a character through a journey to self-realization, documentaries also allow filmmakers to do the same. Some films that follow this notion are Irene’s Ghost, 3 Days 2 Nights, and Exit Music. Irene’s Ghost is about the filmmaker’s journey to understanding who his mother was and the circumstances around her death. Continue reading

Full Frame 2018

I had never gone to something like Full Frame before or frankly even know that Full Frame existed five blocks away from I lived. I signed up for this seminar because I felt it was an opportunity I couldn’t give up. On the first day as a collective group, we went to see On Her Shoulders, which was about a young girl named Nadia Murad who has become an activist for the injustice done to her people, the Yazidis. She reminded me of Malala and the MSD students who are all teenage activists. I loved how Alexandria Bombach, the director, really brought to life the struggle and pain she has endured as well as the hope and determination within her that lies behind the layer of torment. Continue reading