Climate Change & Sustainability

Climate Change and Sustainability in Our Community

February 7-8, 2019

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Plastic Reduction in DA Community

Calculating and Reducing our Carbon Footprint

Tree Initiative Proposal

Professor showing graph

Duke professor Drew Shindell explains IPCC report

Day 1

8:15-8:30 Introductions
8:30-9:20 Explore major reports (IPCC, US National Climate Assessment)
9:45-11:30 Drew Shindell, Duke professor and contributor to IPCC report
11:30-12:30 Lunch at The Refectory Cafe (Seminar Program will pay)
12:45-2:30 Our starting point: carbon footprint calculations
2:30-3:15 Schedule for next day, opportunities for projects in energy, waste, food, or transportation
leader and students beside garden plot

Emily McGinty, Assistant Program Director of Duke Campus Farm

Day 2

8:15-9:10 Carbon footprint follow-up [Howard lead, Andrea will be in class]
9:30-10:10 Tour Duke Smart Home, talk with students about their sustainability projects
10:15-10:45 Community Garden tour
11:15-11:45 Visit Energy Hub in Gross Hall (The Foundry, Duke Electric Vehicles Display, other engineering projects)
12:00-1:00 Lunch at Grainger Hall (Nicholas School Building), visit rooftop community garden & solar panels.
1:15-3:15 Develop individual or group sustainability projects