Twenty Time Proposal

For my twenty time project I would like to do yoga. I have been doing yoga since I was 2 years old and I took a toddler yoga class. I instantly loved it and ever since I have taken yoga pretty much weekly. Someone who really got me started on yoga is my sister, Nina because she also started doing yoga at a really young age and then actually became a teacher which is something I want to do in a couple years as well . The difference between my sister and I is that she takes after my father and has really pursued Buddhism. So she ties a lot of meditation into her practice, which I would love to try and learn about during twenty time as well. I love yoga because it’s a really fun way for me to relax, and especially because I have world lit in the beginning of the day, to focus.

So, I actually don’t know that much about the history of yoga and meditation at all which is a huge thing I would love to research and learn about. I would as I mentioned before especially love to learn about meditation and try it for myself. I do know many poses and techniques in yoga, and I have a pretty good sense of how to teach a basic class. Another reason this project is worthwhile is because I know the basic poses really well, and I feel like I’m at a stage now where I can start to broaden my horizons and try more difficult things to improve my practice.

I plan to spend my twenty time usually doing yoga in the yoga room of the gym, but occasionally researching new poses and history/background. So, I will need to have that space in the gym open on the days when I plan to do yoga.

My mentor person will be my sister, Nina, who is my role model for my practice, and a certified yoga teacher of eight years. We do yoga together all the time and she will be very helpful and happy to answer any questions that come up.

For my final product I originally wanted to get teacher certified, but that’s really hard to do in a short amount of time and I can’t really do it during twenty time. So instead, my final product for my project is going to be teaching a yoga class to you all. So, I think during a twenty time, or tutorial or something I will gather everyone on the quad or in the dance studio or yoga room and teach you all a basic class, and some cool moves that I learned to teach others about my project firsthand. I intend for this project to give me a better understanding and appreciation for yoga and meditation, and then educate others about them.

Twenty Time #2 10/15/15

Today we had our second twenty time of the year. Yesterday (Tuesday) I had a lot of homework and I had to work with my swing coach for two hours on top of that. To allow myself to be able to play golf and have my weekly lesson, I did not quite get all of my homework done. Twenty time allowed for me to finish up last nights homework and get a good start on tonight. During the fifty minute class period I finished my math homework, read book 7 of The Odyssey, did ten minutes of Membean, and studied for a Spanish test.  This afternoon I will be able to go to Croasdaile and hopefully hit 150 balls and then finish with some putting. Then on Friday I hope to play 18 at Croasdaile and keep my statistics using The Grint. Thus far, The Grint has been really awesome and cool, as it records my stats and puts them into a lot of detailed graphs. I am really excited about they future of my twenty time project and my golf game.

Twenty Time Oct. 26

Today I worked on characters and some setting ideas for the novel. I think they’re looking pretty good and they’re not too difficult to draw. I added in a lot more fantasy elements, and hopefully this will help me with the plot some. I also figured out that it is much easier to go with an art style closer to that seen in the anime Soul Eater so I think I’ll be going with that. So far I have the main concept for 3 out of the ~4 main characters but I may add more. I am also excited to get to create monsters for enemies as I decided to move towards a more combat driven plot. At some point before the next Twenty Time I will be doing a part 2 post for the characters as I will have all of them completed.

20 Time 10/26/15

For my 20 time today I wanted to focus on the seasonal change. I took pictures of trees that have changed since the last 20 time that we had. I plan to take pictures during each season of the same tree to show the change of the trees throughout the year. I plan to take winter, and spring changes of this tree every 20 time. I really think that these pictures will be artsy and I think that this idea is very creative. I also might come on a snow day and take pictures of the tree then too.


This twenty time I started learning basic chords. I
started by learning what a chord actually is, according to, a chord is a combination of usually three or more musical tones sounded simultaneously. The first chord I learned was the C Major chord using the E, A, and D strings. This is a very basic chords with just three notes all on neighboring strings all very close to each other. After a few minutes of practice I figured out how to bend my fingers to make the chord feel comfortable and sound good. I repeated the process with the C Minor chord, It was just as easy as the C Major chord. I’m happy with how my bass playing is coming along and now look forwards to every 20 time.

October 26th, 2015

For my third twenty time, I had a visitor from Duke School, so I used her as a guinea pig for my yoga class. We ran through a basic outline of what the structure of my class will look like and it was really interesting to see what an outsider thought of my class. Some things went really well, for example my visitor was interested in each pose that we did and thought that nothing was too easy or too hard, but she had trouble understanding what I was doing if I just explained it. This means I have to work on describing how to do each pose so that I can walk around and make adjustments to people without having to demonstrate each movement. It was a great experience to try teaching a class for the first time. Next class, I will run through the same class structure as today, but I will say what I’m doing out loud and try to describe some poses without doing them.

Twenty Time 10/26/15

Today in Twenty Time I continued to knit. At the end of last class I thought that I had ran out of yarn and would not have enough to knit through the next class period, but when I met with my aunt, she told me I had plenty of yarn for one more class. I ran out of yarn with about ten minutes remaining in the class period. Now my plan for the next class is the same as it was at the end of the last Twenty Time. That plan is to meet with my aunt and have her teach me how to add in yarn. If I can’t meet with her before the next Twenty Time, then I will spend that class period exploring ways to put my knitted items, and my newly learned skill to good use in the community. I also spent a good period of the class today undoing a very large knot in my yarn. I think that this might be a problem with the specific type of yarn I am using. It is quite obvious that all yarn can get tangled, but this specific yarn has very loosely weaved thread, so it sort of falls apart and tangles together. This makes the scarf itself very soft and comfortable, but it makes the yarn a little bit harder to store. My method of storing is not good at all. When it is not sitting at my house, or floating about my advisory, it is crumpled at the bottom of my backpack. I realize that this is very bad and I have decided that I need to figure out a better way to store my knitting.

Twenty Time 3

Today I got some great photos. As I went around today I tried taking pictures of things in nature from angles that I might not normal take a picture from. For example I took a picture of a bush, but I put my camera in the bush and took a picture from the inside out. This gave me a new understanding for angles, and how taking a picture straight on is not always the best place to take the picture from. Another interesting photo that I took was of the inside a group of tree trunks. it was cool because it gave me another perspective on that image that most people see everyday on campus.

Twenty Time 3

Today I learned a lot about functions and if statements. It wasn’t too hard to understand, but in some cases I thought the directions were a little misleading and not very easy to follow. I plan to visit Mr. Cochran who has been helping me on some tough subjects that I have been learning about. Luckily during class I was able to skip over this and continue on. The work was more slow going than usual since I was confused and had to work through it. However, I am still on pace to finish by winter break.

A new idea that I have is that I will keep a notebook for my work on programming. This will help me organize all the knew things I am learning. In the notebook I will take notes, give examples using new  concepts, and even have a glossary that I can refer to. This will help me review all the things I have learned and make sure that I have a solid base in python before a get into really complex material. Hopefully it will even make me more efficient since I will have a greater understanding of what I am learning about. This notebook will even help me as I continue on in programming because I can have a section for each new language that I learn. I will most certainly keep track of it for when I take computer science as a class next year. My goal is that I will help created and have this notebook up to date before my next twenty time!

Twenty Time #3 10.26.15

Today for my twenty time, I spent a little over the fifty minutes that we had just because I wanted to get in 15 minutes for taking photos.

In class, I edited the photos that I took in the previous twenty-times. I played around with mostly exposure and color because those were the two effects that really had an impact on the photo. During this time, I learned which photos were the best “candidate” for being edited. Photos that had bright colors in them worked really well because I could make the background darker, which makes the shapes really pop. Another candidate for this were photos that had one object that was focused upon then the background was faded. By playing with the light exposure I was able to make the photos interesting because the background faded behind the object, making it stand out.

I like to think that I was born fifty years too late. I love black and white photos. Frequently one can find me sitting on my couch reading Our National Parks where Ansel Adams takes sublime photos inside the parks. I tried to make some of my photos black and white, but only a few turned out in optimal condition. I realized this was because photos had really two main features: color and shape. Black and white photos exhibit shape and sharpness well, but if the main attention-grabber of the photo is color, then a black and white photo will not look good because it removed the interesting piece from the photo. Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 9.46.55 AMI’d like to say this was a successful black and white photo that was taken last class.