Twenty Time 5 11/22/15

So, I got to shoot at the Renaissance fair because Mrs. Wittman rocks! She let me blog over the weekend! Today was extremely busy, and I am just now uploading my various pictures from a successful day.

During the last class period I edited my Odyssey essay and worked on my World Cultures study guide. I am still studying thanks to a weekend where I have been home for a total of 12 hours so far (including sleeping). I hope that I will figure out how to lay my name over part of my images just so that no one takes them, because I’ve heard a lot about web browsers using photos for their own prophet (not cool), but they probably wouldn’t use mine anyways.

I got a ton of different shots, but I haven’t exactly decided which pictures fit each word best. I didn’t want to limit my self when going into the festival, so I disregarded my list when shooting.


These two pictures will probably be in my final collage, however I’m not showing some of my favorite pictures, that way there will still be some surprise left. The top one will represent graceful, and the bottom one is vibrant or fresh, and neither of these pictures were edited.

Next time I hope to decide what pictures fit each word, and possibly plan for upcoming shooting in Charleston, SC. And as always… do some home work :).

20 time 11/18

Today, for my twenty time, I continued to work on learning the song “I’m Yours”. I was having trouble getting the right sound when I played just with my fingers and so I am trying to find something that would make a good pick, right now I’m just using a quarter. It works pretty well, but it sometimes makes a weird noise when it hits the side of my ukulele and this is kind of distracting. One good thing about it though is that it definitely makes the notes sound better and it makes them louder too. I am still having some trouble with the transition from C to D, but the more I practice, the easier it is going to get. My playing in general has very much improved and is now at the point where it is actually kind of tuneful. Sometimes, people can even tell what song I’m playing.

Twenty Time 11/18

This twenty time went much better than the last one. I made much more progress. I caught up to where I was supposed to be over the weekend. I got a lot of my questions cleared up by my brother, Matthew. Matt had previously done the exact same program and learned the same language so he knowns everything that I could possibly need help on. He also had many useful hints and tips for later material.

Today, I surpassed my goals and I am officially once again ahead of schedule. I have become much better at the exercises and at programming in general. I am much better at improvising and writing more complex code than the activity calls for. I am beginning to see how all the things I have learned are connecting, but I still have a long way to go before I make a game. Honestly, the thought of it really scares me because at this point I have no idea where to start or where to go once I begin.

Twenty Time 9/18

Today during Twenty Time I was planning on working on my knitting but I forgot it at my house. Instead I did homework so that I would have time to knit for fifty minutes this afternoon. However, this did not happen because I had to go straight from swim practice to the doctors office where I have been for the past three hours without my knitting. It is now 9:30 and I still have not eaten dinner so I doubt I will find the time tonight for fifty minutes of knitting. The good new is that I am going out of town this weekend and I am planning on knitting for a good bit of the long plan rides. I will also have plenty of time while I lay on the beach in Florida. My hope is that I can do a very good amount of my scarf, that way   I could get started on my next project very soon! I have been brainstorming for my next project and I believe that I have come up with an idea. I have decide that I will make a hat that looks like a cat. It is a simple pattern that involves knitting and purling. The hat is a box form so when it is on a head the corners look like ears. I will then sow on whiskers, eyes, a nose, and a mouth. This project will require me to get a thick white yarn, big wooden needles, and learn how to sow. I am pretty excited to take on this task.

Twenty Time #5 11.18.15

For this twenty-time, I decided to continue taking lots of photos. I spent an hour today taking pictures of my yard. In class I worked on homework, but when I went home I went crazy taking lots and lots and lots of photos! Winter is coming, and I don’t know how much longer the petals will be on our plants, so I wanted to make sure that I utilized my time to get as many photos as I could of what we had. I also spent ten minutes changing some flowers photographs into black and white, which took only a few minutes to complete.

A common theme in my photographs are plants. The ones that I have posted are generally the few that don’t include any sort of flower. I love taking photos of nature because I think that it gives me a lot of “wiggle room” to play with color and light, which is helpful for someone who is less experienced with photographs. Moving forward, I would like to take photos of just cool shapes at school and at home, so that is a goal for next class.

Since last class, my mom realized I was taking lots of photos for a project, so she gave me a few books on with photographs that I am eager to read. She gave me Our National Parks by Ansel Adams, Camera Work by Alfried Stieglitz, The History of Photogaphy by Beaumont Newhall, Double Take by Richard Whelan, A World History of Photography by Naomi Rosenblum, and another Ansel Adams book that appears to have no title. Also, last weekend I spent some quality time in the apple store looking at the new watches, playing with the iPads, nothing weird. However, I saw a lens that goes over the outside of the camera on my iPhone. Maybe a Christmas gift? Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 8.20.45 PM Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 5.49.55 PM

Below I included two photos. Both are Black and White because I really love how photos look without color (as I said earlier). I believe it adds a lot of simplicity but also complexity all at the same time. A lot of my photos focus really close up on something or down at the level of the subject (like the grass photo).

Twenty Time 11/18

Basketball is starting to really pick up, and I have no time at all to play golf during the week. We have practice for an hour and a half every day, as well as games usually twice a week that end up taking 2-3 hours. With all of this basketball it is becoming very important for me to practice golf on the weekends. I am trying to practice golf for at least four hours a day each weekend day, so that would be at least ten hours per weekend (at least two on Friday).

Today in class I got a lot of work done, mainly regarding my English essay on Homer’s The Odyssey. I picked to work on this strategically, as hard work now will pay off over the weekend, so I will be able to play at least fifteen hours then.

Because I am able to play less frequently nowadays, actually getting on the course is less of a priority. This is simply because I want to keep my skills and fundamentals sharp over the winter. As I mentioned in the last post, I have created a table showing all of my practices as well as lessons and getting on the course. The link for this table is below, and I will continue to update it daily.



Twenty Time: Ok… this isn’t working out…

I have decided to switch topics. (*gasp*) Turns out I really suck at doing graphic novels, so I’m not going to. I have instead decided to try something I have wanted to do for a very long time and even more so now that I have been to comic con: Cosplay. Now, for all of you who are sitting here going ‘what is this girl talking about?’, allow me to explain. Cosplay is the act of making and portraying a character through costume. So, for this project I will be making two cosplays, one that is more simple and act based and one that is mostly about the creation of the costume. For the first one, I am going to try and do someone from Gorillaz (an animated band) or Homestuck (an online web comic). Both of these are very simple to put together but will have a lot more to do with make up and general character portrayal. For the second one, which I hope to do in the spring, I believe I am going to Crona from Soul Eater, one of my favorite animes. He is again not in a super complex costume but he has an amazing prop that I would love to try and create.

Twenty Time #5

Today was a good day in terms of picture taking. Today I focused on taking pictures of the insides of buildings instead of the outside which is what I normally focus on. The first good picture that I got was one of the hallway in the gym, that has shiny floors, and I got this cool refection of the hallway, while only taking a picture of the floor. I really like this one because it allows me to show so much in such a simple and unusual way. My second favorite one was a picture of the side of the gym. It is a picture of the outside of the gym, and the way that the sun is position, it cast some cool sun rays on the picture that make the whole thing look really cool. I liked this one because of the cool rays of light that mad the building look as if there was a cloud drifting over it, and the sun was shining through the cloud onto the building.

20 time blog post 11-18-15

For the twenty time today Jack and I spent the first few minutes looking at our old pictures from previous twenty times. We looked at the differences between the trees then and the trees now and how winter is right around the corner. Then we spent the remaining twenty time left in class to capture more images of the campus. I also spent time creating a new folder for the same tree that I captured a picture of last week and placed the picture from this week in that folder too. I think that it is odd that some tree’s leaves have fallen all the way off but then another tree right next to it, the leaves are still completely on the tree. For example, the Tree in the quad still has most of it’s leaves whereas the trees outside where the flag pole are have little to no leaves on the branches.

November 6th, 2015

Today during twenty time, I continued building the structure for my class. I started to say what I was doing aloud to give myself a better idea of my ability to describe each pose. This helped me decide which poses I have a good enough understanding of to be able to teach, and which I need to work on being able to talk through. I am continuing to learn more Sanskrit words for the poses, and maybe in a class coming up I will create a quizlet so that I can study each Sanskrit term. I am so thankful to have this twenty time, because doing yoga is such and energizing stress reliever for me, and to have the option of doing it for twenty time is so incredible. Next class, I will continue to refine and go through my class and if I have time once I have talked through my class, I will start a quizlet set on Sanskrit terms.