Twenty Time 2

Today during twenty time I recorded most of the first episode of my podcast and wrote the script for the parts I have not recorded. The process is more tedious than I had expected, so I expect to complete an episode every few twenty time classes rather than every one. My goal for myself is to complete the first episode before the next class time.

Twenty Time 3

Today during twenty time I completed the first episode of my podcast and made pretty good progress on the second. The episodes are fairly short, and I think they will make a nice, concise trilogy about the end of the cross country season with a third that I am planning. I have also begun to consider an alternative to my previously planned project. While I had planned on continuing making podcasts about running after the cross country season, it occurred to me that I could shift my focus to telling stories about other peoples lives. It might be an interesting compilation to create similar trilogies about something important to other people. This week, I am going to start considering this new idea and seeing if it is feasible. Regardless of whether I chose to pursue other people’s stories or my own, the state meet, which is this Friday, will be an important date.

Twenty Time 5

It’s been a while since the most recent twenty-time, but I figured that it was worth waiting to announce the most recent and important development in my project; a classmate will become involved in the project with some podcast about something that is important to him, origami. I’ve never really thought anything of origami, but as I watched his face light up as he told me about how it influences the designs of rocket ships, I realized that his passion perfectly fit the model of something that is so much more important to an individual than could be seen from an outside perspective. But the main reason I am excited about the new addition to my project is that he is excited about it. I think regardless of how interesting whatever someone has to say is, if it’s a story that they want to tell, you will enjoy it. Not to mention, this origamist has an accent that anyone would love to listen to. I think the value of podcasts is that they allow for someone to tell his or her story from a personal perspective in a way that no other medium can. That is the reason why I came to enjoy them so much, and it is above all else what I want to show in my project.

Twenty Time 6

With the most recent twenty time period, I was able to completely finish writing all of the podcast pieces I am planning to write for this project. However, that does not mean I am anywhere close to being “done.” In fact, I’m not even sure what done is. That’s quite daunting, but also exciting. I can chose whatever I would like to do with this project, which is an incredible opportunity. From now on my individual podcast with be mostly about editing and recording and adding music and other fun things like that. I also will be recruiting more people to contribute their own pieces and help create those podcasts. Eventually, once I have enough content, I will begin to look forward to finding a way to display the podcasts that are created. This could lead to a possible collaboration with other people’s twenty time projects, as I know many people are doing photography, I I definitely want to incorporate photos in the displays of the podcasts at some point.

20 time 12/2

As you know, I have been playing the ukulele and working on learning some songs for my twenty time project. Today was no different, I just sat down and continued to practice. I think that in the future though, maybe I should try and buy some actual written music so that I don’t have to keep finding videos on the internet. I really ought to work on this, but I’m just not sure where I would find sheet music, maybe in high strung? That is where I got my second ukulele. If that is a place with ukulele sheet music, I wonder if they have the song that I have been working on, either I’m yours, or Hallelujah, which is a song that I just started trying to learn. It has similar chords to the song I’m yours, but the tempo is much slower, which makes it easier to play.

Twenty Time 12/2/15

I got a lot done today partly because I did not encounter too many problems. The largest struggle was finding the mistakes that I make in the code and trying to fix them. It is not easy to move on until I fix these mistakes, so sometimes that slows me down. Most of the things that I mess up are simple errors, however, sometimes it is these that are hardest to find. It took me 5 minutes today to realize that I forgot a colon where I needed one in the code. I often make simple mistakes at this point. Hopefully I can get better at remembering all these small things so I don’t have to waste time trying to fix my mistakes.

All this new material really scares me because I don’t know how it is all going to fit together. I know that I will have to recall most of these concepts if I am going to be able to program my own game, but right know, almost near 50% complete with the language, I still have no idea where I would begin to program my own game. It is hard because it is so different from anything else. That said, it feels so amazing and rewarding to complete an exercise. I just can’t wait until the exercises are a little less structured and creativity can really come into play.

As it turns out, there are not nearly as many twenty-time sessions as I thought there were before winter break. I thought that I had enough classes to get really close to finishing with python. However, that was not the case. My original goal was to be finished with learning python by the end of break, and I am going to stick to that plan. I will have both of my brothers who have learned python to help, so it should go well. I can’t wait to start working with some of my ideas for games!

Twenty Time 6 12/1

Today I annotated and took notes on a reading for World Cultures during twenty time.  I also got a jump on math review for tomorrows test, which was much needed. Today’s twenty time allowed me to go to bed at a reasonable hour last night, since I could count on homework time in World Lit.

It took me a while to chose my favorite photos and match them with my list of words, I had   one favorite photo that didn’t quite fit any of the words I chose. So, I added a new word that better described a photo of myself taking a mirror self-portrait, I chose “clean”. Because in the photo the color contrast and lines are crisp and simple. I also assigned three other pictures the words, vibrant, graceful and quiet. I don’t want to reveal any of the pictures in the final project because it should be a surprise!

Hopefully next twenty time I can get out and shoot some seasonal and holiday decor around my house and the city. I aim to shoot for a few of the following words, seasonal, warmth, love, spirited or wondrous.

December 2, 2015

Today during twenty time I did homework as always. I worked on some long term history questions that will certainly free me up this weekend for golf. This is important because I will not be able to play at all on Friday due to basketball, and I will not be able to play Sunday afternoon because I have dance practice.

I am very, very excited about my golf game these days. For the last two months I had been in quite the slump where nothing was going my way: I could not hit the ball and I certainly could not putt, the only thing I could do was pitch, chip, and hit bunker shots. This slump really hurt my confidence. To get out of it I began reading a book by Dr. Bob Rotella called Golf Is Not a Game of Perfect. This book is all about the mental side of golf and is similar to a book by Dr. Richard Coop that I read last summer. Gradually over the past couple of weeks I have found my stride once more with my long game. I am hitting shots I never though I would with clubs that I never imagined I would be able to hit so well. My putting game came back strong as well, as I have been rolling the ball very consistently as of late. One interesting thing is that as these parts of my game came back, my short game skills that had once been all I could do deteriorated. Last weekend I spent a long time working on my short game and I figured out what was wrong.

I know this sounds crazy but with how well I am playing in practice I think that it is certainly possible for me to go out on the course and shoot par. This would be awesome and it is something I really want. In order to be able to achieve this goal I have been working on a goal sheet with different goals and how I will achieve them. Once I finish this goal sheet I will attach it below.

As usual, below is my practice log.


Twenty Time 12/2/15

Today during Twenty Time I knitted as usual. I also knitted quite a bit over thanksgiving break which was very nice and relaxing. I went to the beach so it was very nice to be knitting while laying in the sun on a warm beach in florida. The only problem is that I am moving much slower in my knitting process than I thought I was going to which is very sad. I guess it is not too surprising though because knitting is pretty hard and scarfs take a while. This means that if I finish making the scarf that I am knitting now, and make the hat that looks like a cat, I will be in good shape. I think that is all I will have time for this year or not more than that anyway. This means that I will defiantly not meet my goal of 10-12 items. That also means that I probably will not be able to donate them or sell them or anything and have it make a difference. Right now my new updated plan is that I will finish making the two items I would like to make and then give it to some family members or something. The benefit to my Twenty Time project is that I will have learned a new skill that will be a cool thing for me to do in the future and for the rest of my life.

Twenty Time #6 12.2.15

My luck with weather has not been great. I have been unfortunate to have many rainy twenty-time days, so I am getting tired of cloudy pictures and raindrops! Today, I tried something new that overall was not a success. After school, I spent some time taking photos of people. Although I can credit a lot to my “failure”, I believe that the lighting was most significant because I took photos inside on of the classrooms because it was rainy outside, and I did not want to have to deal with the weather. Tonight, I’m planning on analyzing the photos that I have taken, and maybe deciding on what could be better. I might try this again next week or maybe I’ll take more plant photos as it is now winter and the flora has changed in Durham. Although the next official twenty-time is in January sometime, I am planning to take more photos over break because I am heading up north for Christmas and, fingers-crossed, there will be snow.