Twenty Time #8

During this twenty time I finished learning python! It has been a long work and progress and it is awesome to have finished learning my first language. I think that Codecademy was a decently effective way of learning programming. Although frustrated on numerous occasions, I was very impressed with the structure of all of the lessons. That said, there are definitely some things that I do not know about python. I feel like at this point I have a good base and am pretty capable at writing code that will carry out some sort task. However, programming a game would be much harder. I could probably write most of the technical material that would compose the game, but I am still completely clueless in figuring out how to make graphics eve as simple as the graphics in flappy bird. So, in order to begin my second part of the project which is to create some sort of game using my python skills, I will probably get some help from Mr. Cochran and watch some youtube videos. Hopefully this will help me figure out how to do the graphics for my game.

There are several ideas for games that I have been playing around with. The easiest game that I had in mind was a game along the lines of Lifeline or A Dark Room that have been on the app store. These games are very easy to program and would be very fun to create. Pretty much they are stories that unfold as the player makes choices and decisions as to what the person in the game should do. There are different outcomes based on what decision the player makes. In Lifeline you make decisions that help the person in the game survive. Other ideas I had for games was to make a simple platformer with a similar style to many of the Mario games, but I would probably more closely model it after this game called “You have to win the game.” Not surprisingly the goal of that game is to win the game… Although simple in design, it is very fun, puzzling, and hard. Lastly, I want to make a simple arcade game that has an infinite gameplay where you try to get as far as you can. These have been very popular and seem pretty easy to make. Although I have heard many times that programming a game is very hard and very time consuming.

Twenty Time #7

During Twenty Time I focused on the snow that was all over our campus. The snow had already started to melt which meant that there were puddles and clear patches, which made some of the pictures that I took, look great. One of my favorites from this time is one of, a reflection of a tree in a puddle. I like this one because of the fact that if you flip the picture upside down it makes the picture eve cooler. Another one of my favorites is one of the science building and the roof is covered in a blanket of snow. I liked this one because it had a very high contrast in colors, because of the brown of the roof and the white of the snow. I also like how there are random patches of grass that can be seen because it gives the picture the look of not being perfect. All together this was a really fun Twenty Time because I got to take pictures of the campus when its covered in snow and ice.

Twenty Time 8 1/27/16

Yesterday during Twenty Time I worked on finishing my reading for history because I got home really late from my basketball game. I also used this class period to read part of Life of Pi to get ahead. This was a nice time for me to catch up on work time I lost the previous  day. I appreciated that I could count on having time to finish my homework the next day, so I could go to sleep at a reasonable hour.

Over the snow days I took pictures in anticipation of an upcoming twenty time, and I sorted through them and picked out a few to contend for one of my chosen words. I don’t have the new pictures downloaded yet, but I hope to as soon as I have a chance. Next twenty time will be the midyear evaluation… but the next work day we have, I will dedicate to freely taking pictures and assessing which pictures account for which words. I also hope to focus more on pre-set scenes instead of arranged pictures.

Twenty Time 8

This week during twenty time I was able to begin work on the third podcast for my project which will be a profile and the dedication, training, and dreams of a golfer in my English class. This podcast will differ from the second podcast, a profile on an origami artist, in that I will be the one writing the piece. Today in class I conducted an interview with the golfer so that I might have the information and insight into his practicing, skill level, and aspirations to effectively write a script for a podcast that will truly convey to the listener his experiences with the game. When completed, I will have him record in his own voice so that the podcast will have a more personal touch. After the script is recorded, I will edit the podcast so that it will be ready to but online and presented with my project. I think the process will be ideal as it allows the podcast to have a somewhat more intimate feel while also not burdening the subject with too much of a workload. Concurrently, an outline and the beginning writing of the origami podcasts exist online. It will require some editing to fall in line with my plan for this project, but look forward to that process.

Twenty Time #8 01. 27. 16

Today, I went home and took some photos of the snow, even though it was a little sloshy. That being said, I wish I got the opportunity to take them earlier (my bad, I realize). Oddly enough the pictures did not turn out that well, which is why I’m not going to post them today. This could be for a variety of reasons, the first being that I took them at an awkward time to photograph. I took them at sunset, but there was no sun in the sky, only the reflected light that the sun shadowed. Overall, it was very dark, but not too dark that I could use flash successfully. As it did get darker, I tried to use it more and more than the straight lens, so instead, I am going to try some in the morning light and not use these ones for the final display.

Next class, I am planning on using it to convert a massive amount of photos into black and white.

January 27th, 2016

For my twenty time today I had my friend Lizzie come in and help me with my twenty time because I wanted to practice teaching my class to someone. It was a very interesting and helped me realize that I need to go into much more detail than I think I need to because although I know what I mean, my students won’t. It was very fun to give someone else the experience of yoga and share what I’ve been doing during twenty time and it helped her to relax and get a sense of yoga. Because Lizzie had a little bit of prior experience in yoga, it was slightly easier for her to understand what I wanted her to do in my class simulation. But, I think that people who had never done yoga before would not have known what was going on and so I need to work on explaining each pose like I had never done it before.


Right now, I feel pretty good about my ukulele playing so I decided to help out Ani. She practiced teaching me a yoga class. It was very relaxing and it really helped me see how not flexible I am. I learned some new yoga poses that I didn’t know about before. It was very fun to take a small, quick break, but I will be going back to my ukulele playing next week. I am thinking of picking a new and final song to learn and aspire for it to be maybe a bit more challenging than my current music. I might even get a ukulele book! Not sure which but I think that there is such a thing as a book full of ukulele songs and I think that that might be something that I could definitely use to improve my playing without having to rely on faulty youtube videos.

Twenty Time 1/27

Last week we got a lot of snow, rain, and ice, which was good at first but now it kind of stinks because I have not been able to play in so long. I was unable to play all of last week because of basketball, and last weekend is when the ice came. Even with all of this weather, I have tried to do as much as I can in relation to golf. One thing that I did a lot of over the break was reading the book I described last post. As I said before, the book by John Feinstein is titled A Good Walk Spoiled: Days and Nights on the PGA Tour. The book is very interesting because it discusses real-life experiences of tour players and the paths that they took to get their. I also watched a lot of golf over the weekend. I watched the Abu Dhabi Championship, which is part of the European Tour (not the PGA), as well as the CareerBuilder Challenger (a PGA tournament). I figure I can learn a lot from these great players, so instead of effortlessly watching, I pay careful attention. I examine two things in specific: the smoothness of the players’ swings and their course management skills. I think it is amazing how they can hit the ball terrible, way off-line and-using their great recovery skills- manage to make a par.

A third thing that I have begun to do more and more of is research. I have constantly been going on the internet and through books to find things to help make me a better player. One thing I found that I am really excited to try (although I have heard this many times from my coach, but I have never really tried it) is to focus on my angle of attack with my driver. This is simply the degrees at which your driver is coming into the ball- it can be positive (coming up), negative (going down), or level. Tour players average about -1.3, and I average about a -5 or -6. To hit the ball higher into the air and farther you need to have more of a positive slope. My research has showed me that the ideal AOA (angle of attack) with the driver is a +5. This will increase by launch angle and decrease my spin (both good), and I will attain this by teeing it up higher, putting the ball on my left foot, leaning back into my right side, and having the sensation that I am lifting my torso to the sky on the downswing. Next post I will certainly let you know how this works out!

In these pictures you can see the distance(blue) increases with angle of attack (red).

Here is my practice log (remember I could not play recently because basketball and snow/ice)

Here are my updated goals that I am going to print and put up above my bed so I look daily:

1-27-16 (snow day)

Today for twenty time, I wanted to take some great snow day pictures because of the most recent snow day that we had on over the weekend. I really wanted to focus on how the snow has affected the school. There are puddles, small rivers and tons of mud everywhere. After we took pictures of the obstacles that the snow has created for us students to avoid and navigate, we then took some pictures of the roofs and the water falling from the roof which took a while to get enough drops of water in the picture. Later, we journeyed to the sidewalk outside of the gym to capture photos of the puddles created by the melting snow. In this picture we captured through the puddle, a picture of the trees. Next, we took pictures of the big tree in the courtyard with no leaves during this time of year. I really enjoy this picture because the branches branch out from each other.

9th 20 Time 1/27/16

This week during my twenty time I worked on editing photos of the night sky. I have tried taking photos but they have not turned out how I would like them to. They are blurry and I am going to look into how I can improve my photos. This week I am thinking about going back out on a clear day and taking a good photo that I am pleased with. Even though my main focus right now is the night sky, I am continuing to take photos of the typical things. During the snow days I took some photos outside. On this blog post I have included photos that have been taken recently.

During this weeks twenty time, I also worked on homework so I would have time to take photos at home. At this point I have decided that my final project will be a slideshow of my favorite photos throughout the year.


In the photo above some stars are visible but the photo is blurry. This may have been because the tripod slightly moved while the photo was taken. The photo was taken with a shutter speed of 25 seconds and an aperture of 4.




This photo was taken during the snow days. It was taken on standard settings on a Nikon D5500