Twenty Time #7 01.12.16

After my last fiasco, I took some photos of people that was not inside a building, which made a huge difference in the quality and lighting in the photographs. I took these photos earlier this week because of the availability of my friends during the twenty-time. For the sake of privacy, I’m not displaying one of the pictures because her face is very obviously hers in the photo and we can see that it is clearly her. I took the photo in the late afternoon, with the sun low in the sky, which made the picture look very interesting because you can see the general shape of her face and the outline of her features, but not the individual characteristics, which is very interesting to see the contrast. It reminded me of this project that I am doing in art. The purpose is to analyze the light and how it falls over features of the face. I liked that I could draw relations between almost two polar opposite classes.

In the future I may try this again, but as I have said in the past, snow will take a priority over everything. I guess I’m just a wintery girl. Overall, I thought today was a successful day because the majority of the photography was much improved compared to my last day, but I am not expecting it to continue to be 100% successful because I am learning and there will be hills in my process, but they will make me better.

One thought on “Twenty Time #7 01.12.16

  1. I so thoroughly enjoy reading your blog. You are always thoughtful, you include enough detail, I think your pictures are amazing, and your blog is very well-written. I can’t wait to see all of your photos and hear what you have to say in your final presentation. Keep it up!

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